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Should I Get Battlefield Bad Company 2?

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  • I can't decide if I should get Battlefield Bad Company 2. Can anyone give me the pros and cons of the game. I played the demo but I still can't decide.

  • This really depends on what kind of gamer you are. If the things you liked in the demo are really the things you are looking for than it's your opinion whether or not to get it.

    - Vehicles that are fun to play with
    Unlike other shooters you can drive tanks, helicopters, ATVs, Jetskis, Special Ops Boats, and jeeps.

    - Exciting Battlefield Moments
    Everyone has had one, whether it was defending a crate or flag; attacking a base full force with your squad, or going lone wolf with nothing but a sniper and pistol to capture a flag or destroy a crate SAS style.

    - Squad Play
    With the ability to spawn on squadmates it's easier to get into the action than say MAG or other games similar to BF.

    - Enhanced customization
    More guns mean more fun. BFBC2 has 45 guns to play with and own Lvl 1 players with your F2000. Get upgraded with gadgets and abilities that will give you an edge in combat, like having a warhead in a Light Tank or helicopter at your disposal. Or being able to see through walls with sensors attached to your tank to see enemies and mines on the road. Or how about putting a Red Dot scope on your type-88 eh?


    Destroy buildings to take out objectives or even enemies hiding inside. Is an enemy hiding behind a wall? Blow it the hell up! It also adds to the stradegy in the game.



    -No prone and added killcam

    It isn't a big deal now, but it would be nice to add in the ability to actually hide from enemies. I does eliminate campers though. The kill cam also makes it harder to get away from enemies, instead of showing how you were killed CoD style, it follows the killer for about 5 secs, more than enough to show you were your/ there headed. But although bad, they do add to constant movement on the battlefield and eliminate the campers.


    -Poor hit detection

    This may be due to lag and the fact that a lot of things are going on at once, but didn't you ever wonder how you got killed when you were absolutly sure you got a headshot?


    -Minor glitches

    This may only be in the demo, but why doesn't my parachute open when I spawn as an attacker jumping out of a plane. Even though its can be easily solved (via the A button) people don't listen and end up killing themselves.


    Im getting tired of typing. Just rent the game and see how you like it. Also if your going to buy it pre order it or get it new so you game get the whole game. (The things I want to do the EA sometimes).




  • I asked that too! I already heard from some mags (like GI, read the rating, but not gonna spoil it!) that it could be MW2's biggest competitor, but I wasn't sure that I should get it. Now, after all the hype, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying it when it comes out

  • I haven't had any problems with the hit detection.  Also, as a sniper the kill cam isn't so bad.  I mean if you're in a bush they aren't really going to know, if you're in a building it's more obvious.

    If you're worried about hit detection I wouldn't be, most of my sniper shots have registered as headshots when they were headshots.    But, more pros!

    Bigger maps, more people to kill.

    Squad Deathmatch, 4 teams of 4 battle it out!

    Communication is needed, kinda goes with squad play but you have to play like a squad if you want to win.  Assuming the other team isn't absolutely horrible.

    Also...You can use a freaking M1 or a Thompson from WW2.

  • Well, the M1 and Thompson are cool, but im going with the M1's grandson, the M14 :D

    Or as call of duty kindly changed the name for no apperant reason, the m21 :(

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