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Xbox 360 Server is Live!!!

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  • Good news everyone! We now have our own Battlefield 3 server on Xbox 360! The server name is: GameInformer Community Server. We have the server for 90 days so please use it a lot! The more you play, the better spent my money is.

    • What it is - Right now the server is unranked and set to cycle through Conquest maps with Jets and Helicopters. Use this time to practice your flight skills, buddy up with other GIO members, and have fun without fear of ruining your stats.
    • What it will be - Eventually the server will be switched over to Ranked. I'll change up the maps and game modes based on demand. Please leave feedback and requests in the Battlefield Group!
    • VIP - Unfortunately the VIP list is capped at 20. I'll be adding players to the VIP list at my discretion.
    • Rule - Be excellent to each other. The simple fact you are old enough to read this means you are old enough to know what it means to play nice. The server is not private. Anyone outside of Gameinformer.com can find it, join up and play; but its our name on the server. Remember your actions speak for all of us. Yes I have the ability to ban players.
    • Reporting Hackers or Cheaters - DO NOT REPORT THEM TO ME!  Do one of the following
      • Report at this URL: http://getsatisfaction.com/battlefield3/topics/dice_please_ban_these_hackers
      • Report Via Profile - Visit the users battlelog profile, click the report "exclamation" mark symbol at the top-right of their page, and fill it in with the reason for reporting them. You can submit links to videos or Battle reports in which you suspect the user to be cheating.(direct report)

    Please spread the word! This server is open to everyone for the next 3 months! Expect a frag fest in the future. To keep up to date on the server, give feedback and make requests do it all here within the Battlefield Group.

    Thank you all for being the best gaming community on the whole wide web. (Thats what www stands for!) I'll see you all on the battlefield!

  • Sounds cool! Will look forward to playing with the community.

  • Does this server use the Back to Karmand DLC or no? I can get it, I was jut wondering if it did.

  • Right now the server has 1 DLC map, Sharqui Peninsula. The other 8 maps are on disc.  

    I'll be hitting up the DICE forums today to try and figure out how to add more.  Irritated I couldn't add Wake Island Conquest.

  • Count me in! I'll take a break from ME3 this weekend and dust off my 360 copy of BF3. Look for Jammin Jones to be crashing planes and choppers all over the place. I'm used to the PC version so this will be interesting!

  • Finally! A rented server where there isn't a bunch of hackers and cheaters and immature 10 year olds! I look foward to playing with some of the GameInformer staff. I think it wil be fun. Also, I have a request. Could you guys throw in a couple rounds of Rush on Damavand Peak? This map is VERY fun on Rush because no matter how much you suck, you'll get a lot of points and an occasional unlock.

  • I'll be playing some BF3 later today. My gamertag is Jsnake473 and I want a game where there aren't a bunch of hackers and cheaters. I run mostly Assault and if you are near me I'll do my best to supply you with medkits or a revive if necessary. Let's try to have a game where everybody has fun, even if you lose.

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