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  • Bad Company 2 isn't the only game that has this issue, but every single game made for the 360 and PS3.

    It's just assumed that if you buy HD games, you have an HD television to accommodate those games. Video games also currently display more information on the screen as you play the game, so making things smaller is sometimes the only way to fit everything without it looking too cluttered. To make it easier to see on a standard definition television, they would have to enlarge many elements, thus creating a much more unsettling experience.

    I was extremely dissatisfied when I got my PS3 on a standard definition television, and I encountered not only microscopic text, but also many moments of screen tearing that never appeared on an HDTV. Because of the dissatisfaction I got from my standard definition television, I got a 32-inch LCD TV. They're a lot cheaper than they used to be, and getting one of those is the only way to solve the issue, and getting an HDMI cable with it!


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  • composite will do hi def as well (the red/green/blue cable)

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