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Starting a platoon that gives a Sh!t

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  • I absolutely love Battlefield 3. Much to my dismay, I have on multiple occasions been willing to skip class to play more of it. But if there's one thing I hate more than anything on battlefield, its people that don't care to work as a team. Team work is absolutely crucial in battlefield and I cant stand it when I see a game fall apart because there is no communication and adaptation to the situation at hand. I hate playing with people that have 5 service stars with the m249 before they are rank 15 because that shows they aren't willing to adapt to a situation like maybe being an engineer to take out vehicles, or reinforcing or own vehicular power. I find myself working on my own trying to blow up M-Com stations or capture flags because everyone else is either sniping, or to afraid of being on the front lines.

    That is what I want in this platoon, a teamwork and strategy based organization that could care less about kill death raitos and work toward true victory in every game.

    I don't consider myself a frontlines leader. I am looking for strong squad leaders that can adapt to situations and not freak out when mistakes are made and are willing to communicate orders throughout a game.

    Infantry men need to be proficient with multiple classes and or vehicles. Every game plays different and the more variety we have to work with the more victories we can accumulate.

    Everyone would need to be able to communicate and or take orders. Rank, KD, and such stats are irrelevant. Its character and battlefield etiquette that make a winning team.

    I operate off of my 360 and we would have to work from the ground up. We need members who are willing to participate and abide by these morals. I need fellow founders as well with similar mind sets to help me create this army of honor.

    So how about it comrades? Is anyone willing to step up with me and create a platoon that gives a sh!t?



  • I am actually going to be getting Battlefield 3 on the 360 tomorrow because no one is ever on on the PS3.  I'm willing to join a platoon that will be on fairly regularly, but I will not be on every day.  I think I'm a pretty good team player, but I am willing to learn even more.  So.... I'm game!

    Also I just care about winning.  I could care less about my stats as long as I am on the winning team.

  • I'm interested, what is your gamer tag Mr Colossus?

  • Do you know anyone whos willing to do that on the PC?

  • Im up and running just give me the coordinates and stealthy beat up the other team! GAMERTAG: bigeed720

    XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG: biged720

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