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Mass Effect was one of the most action-packed space odysseys we've ever experienced, and it has at least two sequels that look to up that ante in nearly every way. Whether you are new to the universe or an experienced explorer, feel free to pull up a chair

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  • File: 4th "Secret" Ending to Mass Effect 3.

    Okay, i was(*****************************************SPOILER ALERT*******************************************) at the Citadel with the little "boy" and my choices were right in front of me...A)Kill all Synthetics.B)Control the Reapers.C)Synthesis.....but then,just for fun i shot the little boy and (I...
  • Forum Post: Mass Effect 3: new details concerning to coop mode revealed !

    Bioware has revealed an interview with Jesse Houston, mass effect 3 producer. In this interview there are news about the coop mode, to view the interview click here ! What do you think of this new informations, satisfying or questionable ?
  • Forum Post: Biotics: the origin and the biotic-users

    Since the beginning of mass effect there are myths about the biotic power, persons shattering their enemies with an unstoppable force. how can this happen and how can you be able to own this ability, to find it out read my article. In the article it is shown how this power is rising in a subject, how...
  • Forum Post: Thane Krios: dossier and the cure for his desease

    No doubt, Mass Effect 3 is getting closer to the community with each new information. And with this the question: Does Thane Krios live on in Mass Effect 3 ? is asked more and more. With this I tried to bring you a short impression about Thanes heritage, religion, profession, his desease and future,...
  • Forum Post: Aliens everywhere

    Of all the various alien races, including ones that aren't involved in combat or are only given the smallest roles, which one is your favorite and why?
  • Forum Post: Who is the most underrated ME character to you?

    Personally, I feel it was Jacob, for me. He has a great personality - as in behaves like an actual soldier- and an interesting history that I would have liked to see more of. If you distribute his squad points right, he also has a valuable ammo and passive ability. I didn't get all the hate for him...
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