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Mass Effect was one of the most action-packed space odysseys we've ever experienced, and it has at least two sequels that look to up that ante in nearly every way. Whether you are new to the universe or an experienced explorer, feel free to pull up a chair

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  • Forum Post: ME4!!! What are your thoughts on the premise and how it can be carried out without Shephard?!

    Enjoyed the different endings of ME3 and am just wondering how they're going to pull off ME4 without Shephard, and what kind of world/s it will be based on the ending of it.

    did anyone other than me reach level 60 in the first on... i just want to know if reaching level 60 in the first game gives you like a boost or something in the second one. or do u start out at level one?
  • Forum Post: Mass Effect MMO

    I've been thing lately about how awesome a Mass Effect MMO would be... maybe you guys and gals have thought the same thing. If (IF) there were to ever be a ME MMO, what would you want there to be in the game? Me first... 1. Put it on consoles!!! I don't care what people say about console MMO's...
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