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Mass Effect was one of the most action-packed space odysseys we've ever experienced, and it has at least two sequels that look to up that ante in nearly every way. Whether you are new to the universe or an experienced explorer, feel free to pull up a chair

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  • Forum Post: ME4!!! What are your thoughts on the premise and how it can be carried out without Shephard?!

    Enjoyed the different endings of ME3 and am just wondering how they're going to pull off ME4 without Shephard, and what kind of world/s it will be based on the ending of it.
  • Forum Post: A Look At The Classes of ME3

    A Look At The Classes Of Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect has stuck to its class system from the beginning, and few changes seem in store for the third installment. Each class offers drastically different options for approaching combat, and with the addition of multiplayer, you know have the option of balancing...
  • Forum Post: ME3 Co-op

    Now that we know Multiplayer is confirmed - not competitive and separate from the campaign- what kind of ideas do you guys have about it? What places do you think players will battle at?
  • Forum Post: Re: ME3 @ E3

    I thought it was pretty good lots of new info they reveled and and a really good trailer i like the combat now its way better and the omni knife thing thats is just great Mass effect @ E3 just gets me more pumped
  • Forum Post: ME3 @ E3

    What did you guys think of the new info on Mass Effect 3?
  • Forum Post: Cerberus? (Spoilers?)

    Why do you think they are hunting you in ME3? Obviously you left them with their ship. GI Mag said the Alliance took the Normandy 2 apart and put it back together to study it, but they left it wide open that there is more to the story than that. Could it be something about Shadow Broker? Speculation...
  • Forum Post: Should Mass Effect 3 combine the old squad from both ME1 and ME2 or should they bring a whole new squad for it?

    Personally I prefer that they bring back the old squads and culminate their stories with style.In my opinion players have spent a lot of time learning the backgrounds of these characters and it would also make the whole suicide mission of ME2 more meaningful.What do you think?
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