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Mass Effect 3 Ending

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  • (Don't read this if you haven't already finished the game). There has been a lot of controversy about the ending in ME3, all of your decisions from ME1 to ME3 don't really play a part in how the final cut scene plays out, all the endings are 95% the same thing, for example the main difference is the color of the energy blast released from the citadel and what happens after the Normandy crash lands on the "jungle" planet. Personally I disliked the ending, like many others I wished that there had been more closure or see how all my decisions have affected the universe of Mass Effect. But luckily for gamers like myself Bioware is planing on releasing a new ending sometime in April. So what do you think about the ending? Good? Bad? Things to work on?

  • I thought it was terribly executed, but I liked the concept - sans the cliches and deliberately lore breaking consequences.

    I think people don't realize that Bioware isn't "changing" the ending(s) so much as offering players more closure, etc. and clarifying some of the game's confusing points. I'm sure they want to respect those who do like the ending as is.

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  • No me gusta the ending, it was a load of BS and the fact that the "galactic readiness rating" was really the most important determining factor from what I can tell is a load of crap in cup.

  • Yeah, and then there wasn't an ending where the Reapers succeeded either, which really sucked. I atleast wanted to have a real sense of conflict in that sense, and not having that really detracted from the stakes of the story.

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  • Spoilers ahead (obviously, I guess, but you never know)

    Yeah, I didn't like any of the endings, either. I didn't go in with high expectations, though. Even before the controversy, I never really thought the main plot of the ME series was very good (although I do love the series as a whole). I mean, it had its moments, but even aspects of the the endings of the first two games were kind of stupid. Did people forget about that ridiculous giant humanoid reaper?

    But yeah, I felt like the biggest problem with the final scene wasn't that it just felt kind of lazy and anticlimactic, or depending on what you did it invalidated a lot of your choices and what you worked for, but that it introduced huge plot holes.

    However, even with all that said, I do think people overreacted here.

  • Here are some good fanfic stories about different endings.

    http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7963508/1/A_Funny_Thing_Happened_on_the_way_to_Annihilation This one is pretty funny.

    http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7913750/1/ This one is one of the best endings I have seen.

  • I have been thinking about the endings. A lot of people have been saying that because of what happened in Arrival with the Mass Relay that when all of the MR are destroyed that would destroy everything that was close to a relay. Now what I have been thinking might just disprove that. The MR in Arrival was fully active and the thing in the middle (I don't know what you call it) of it was still spinning and glowing. Now when we see what happened to the MR at the end of ME3, the thing wasn't spinning or glowing and it looked like all of the energy was shot out of it, which I think that might mean that there would be no power to make the system destroying bang. What do you all think?    

  • Well, the problem with that explanation is that any energy released by the Mass Relays - as Kenson said - is akin to a supernova, so it's probably irrelevant. The signal sent destroys the other relays too, so while it could be possible that it does slightly less damage, the amount would still be catastrophic. However, it's clear the other races have probably survived despite this, or else it wouldn't be a "good" ending, so at most it just breaks lore. I'm sure, however, there will be some explanation for this in the future.

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  • In my opinion the basic concept of the ending is well done, they are gving you a task that responds to your moral thoughts, in the end I've destroyed the reapers because that's what I think Shepard fought for the whole time, that the circle of the reapers ends and that the galaxy can live in the future without any sort of apocalyptic aliens.

  • Just check my profile comments to see my five comment rant on the subject. I know I probably (well, definitely) overreacted, but wow, I HATED this ending with a burning passion. I wouldn't have minded so much if this wasn't my favorite series of all time, made by my favorite developer of all time, and one of the few works of fiction that I ever invested any emotion into. All I really wanted from the game's ending was to see my choices make an impact and to see the galaxy return to the way it was before the Reaper invason, albeit with slightly improved relations among the species. But there is no way to make this happen, or to make anything resembling that happen. Considering that this was my goal going into the game, I see each of these endings to be as much of a failure for my character as if the Reapers had won.

    Oh, wow...I better stop before I get into another rant.

  • There seem to be quite a few gamers that express dissatisfaction with the lack of impact the series choices has on the ending, which surprises me. I have played ME1 four times (just finished my most recent playthrough yesterday), ME2 3 times and ME3 one time so far. The impact you make in the universe is noticeable throughout the journey, not the ending, for the most part.  For instance, whether you chose to come to the aid of Kaiden or Ashley on Virmir impacts ME2 & 3, or who you chose to be the human ambassador makes a difference. There are some choices that exist for no reason other than driving your paragon/renegade rating such as your choice whether or not to let Saren's Asari scientist live or die. The bottom line is that your choices did make a difference throughout your play through(s).  Were the endings basically a near copy of one another? Yes. Where all of your choices reflected in the ending? No, but I have yet to come across any format of entertainment that offers 100% full closure.  

    The real points of contention are the glaring plot issues. Exhibit A: the Catalyst.  So the Citadel was the Catalyst all along. Well hot damn!  This super intelligent adolescent, whom I will dub "the great consciousness" or TGC for short, has the ability to control the Reapers and the clairvoyance to create and maintain this cycle of organic purification every 50,000 years for the benefit of all sentient life, yet it needs Keepers to signal the return of the Reapers? The entire final conflict of the first game is built on the premise that the Citadel depends on the Keepers to signal the return of the Reapers from dark space but TCG negates this concept entirely! 

    Exhibit B: the Crucible. It simply does not make any sense that the Crucible gives TGC the clarity needed to acknowledge that the Reapers are not needed. Per TGC's admittance, the Reapers were the solution to eternalizing an entire species peacefully, even though ironically so. However, it is easier to believe in the Hindu Easter Bunny than it is to believe that there was a better solution all along and the Crucible plus some dope willing to sacrifice himself was all that was needed for this epiphany.  Give me a break. Lastly, under no system of logic does it make sense that Shepard is given the option to destroy the Reapers. Why in the world would the Illusive Man become indoctrinated to the 100th degree yet Shepard be given the key to the fate of the galaxy? TGC is just not that stupid or selective. 

    I can think of multiple endings that would have been vastly more satisfying and open enough to allow many more Mass Effect sequels.  Why couldn't have the Reapers been a tool of some mysterious and sinister intergalactic species? Why not delve into the realms of multiple dimensions or string theory?  Well, we will never know because the writers of ME3 just plain sucked lol.  The ending was a lazy, short-sited mess that failed to recognize the macro plot direction of it's predecessors and fell flat on the delivery of a loosely logical sic-fi story.  In other words, the ending sucked. 

  • I personally loved the ending.

  • Honestly, did you guys think about it when Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star, and caused mass genocide? I mean you're not supposed to think about that kind of stuff, you just enjoy the ride.

  • My real problem with the ending is that I went in full on Paragon, and the fact that someone else with full renegade would go in and probably get the exact same ending pisses me off, it just makes all of my decisions feel worthless.

  • I didn't have much of a problem with the ending. (I'm one of the few) I just enjoyed all the action and story I went through. I can understand people are angry,disappointeted, etc. about what happened but I think trying to force BioWare to change the ending is a little much. Maybe they messed up ( I think the ending was fine) and maybe they didn't but I think people should just move on with it just continue what can be told within the game and enjoy what it has, with the new DLC that will surely come out. Not trying to say anyone's opinion is right or wrong.

    And if you haven't seen the Indoctrination Theory might be interesting to check out.

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