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ME2: Favorite loyalty mission(s)?

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  • When playing ME2, which of the loyalty missions are your favorite and why?

    For me, it would be Jacob and Tali for now.

    Tali-  We learn more about her & the reason why the council has abandoned her,

    Jacob-  We learn more about who he is; the backstory makes more sense in regards to its relation to the overall storyline shown in ME2.

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  • I really like Garrus' loyalty mission. Walking that fine line of justice and revenge and you having the control on what path Garrus decides to go down was awesome. I also enjoyed Jack's because you get to see just how vulnerable she really is. She's not as tough as she'd like you to believe and you get to see that first-hand on her loyalty mission.

  • It's so difficult to say which is my favorite because the entire story of building a team and walking with them through their personal journeys will always hold a special place in my heart. Jack and Jacob confronting the ghosts in their pasts; Miranda seeing that maybe she doesn't have to nor can she be perfect and completely control everything; Mordin having his life's work questioned, leading to his ultimate reversal in ME3; even Zaeed's and Kasumi's missions touched on a personal side giving depth to the narrative. I know it might sound like a cop-out, but my favorite is... all of them.

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