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Cerberus? (Spoilers?)

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  • Why do you think they are hunting you in ME3?  Obviously you left them with their ship.  GI Mag said the Alliance took the Normandy 2 apart and put it back together to study it, but they left it wide open that there is more to the story than that.  Could it be something about Shadow Broker?  Speculation?

  • I really don't understand why they would hunt me down. I gave them the Reaper Tech, he was happy with every action I did, and I even sided with Cerberus in every dialog option I had. When Miranda was talking to me, I told her I wish I would have signed up with Cerberus way sooner! Why are they back stabbing me like this...?

  • Maybe when you go to earth court in the beggining or ME3 you give up some Cerberus intel or something?  Or maybe he gets indoctrinated and turns his orginization towords hunting you down?

  • Maybe... I was thinking, since they said that they were going to make the game drastically differ based on the choices you make, could this be only for the people who went against them at the end of the game? That would be so tight.

  • Somebody in Cerberus is indoctrinated, although I think that TIM might not be. Then again, he could be the new Saren.

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  • I think it has to be indoctrination or something similar to that. Since the Illusive Man is pulling the strings, maybe he's indoctrinated? Or maybe Shepard joined the Alliance but knew too much about Cerberus so the Illusive Man just wants him dead..

  • Cerberus always has a hidden agenda and I never really trusted them since dealing with them in the first game. They experimented on innocent people with the Thorian Spores done other things that was just f*cked up. In the second game T.I.M. willingly sent the team on missions that were unnecessarely dangerous. I dont think he's indoctrinated but I never trusted that b*stard and I think after Shepard learned so many of their secrets and took off with the SR2 he became a liability in T.I.M.'s eyes.  


  • I think TIM sees the Reapers as sort of a galactic cleansing machine. He might just want to prevent Shepard from uniting the alien races so the Reapers will destroy the other races and wear themselves out, leaving Cerberus the ability to strike back and destroy them, leaving Humanity as the one true force in the galaxy.

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  • Interesting Tren; if that's what he thinks now, then he's definitely indoctrinated.

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  • If you treat the Comic series as canon TIM might be the Joker to Cmdr. Shep's Batman in this one. He did get hit with a prothean Artifact like Shep did. I would even go so far as to say he believes that the Reaper tech that he (more than likely) snuck away with is necessary for 'fighting fire with fire'. We already saw the other end of this spectrum in Saren(ME1). He thought working for the Reapers would help keep the current races alive. We also saw what happens to those that were deemed 'useful' after the circle of extinction with the Collectors(ME2).

    So I want to say that TIM is running his own version of Indoctrination with the data he collected from reaper tech to further the rise of the Human race in the intergalactic community by defeating the Reapers with their own tech. They may be attacking Shepard because at this point he is nothing more than an obsolete tool....

    Or you could just believe what Miranda(or maybe Jacob?) said about there being different groups of Cerberus who have no idea about what the other parts are doing and still see Shepard as the threat he was in ME1.


  • Well, it has the same guys who contribute to the story writing it, so in essence it is considered canon.

    Your theory really sounds good. I also doubt that he'd be doing those Indoctrination experiments if he didn't intend on incorporating the technology for his own use. I don't think the Illusive Man is unaware of what's happening though, especially since this is Shepard they're targeting.

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  • I think they're indoctrinated.  But even so, I feel that Cerberus really could turn against you regardless of what you did at the end of ME2.  If you gave TIM all the intel, he really has no use for you and realizes that you're going to probably try and be the hero so he's sending his soldiers to put an end to you so that his plan can move forward without interruption.  Shepard gave TIM the intel thinking that he would use it to destroy the Reapers, but TIM may have other plans on how to use the information and what to do with the Reapers.  If you destroyed the intel then he's obviously upset with you and has sent his soldiers after you.

    I think in one of the demos Shepard (or one of his party members) makes the comment that the Cerberus soldiers attacking you are indoctrinated, but they don't really say whether it was intentional (by TIM) or if it's the Reapers handiwork.

  • Just read the newest Game Informer issue and I can't wait to say this....CALLED IT!  The issue has a spoiler that confirms my prediction regarding Cerberus!


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