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Your thoughts on this theory

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  • Since ME3 has been released there has been quite an uproar online about the endings.  However this past week theories about the final scene, from Harbingers' beam to the gasp of air, being an effect of indoctrination on Shepard.

    http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/355/index/9727423/1     ongoning discussion about the theory

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynYgr1rqEec   the theory on a nutshell

    Personally this theory makes a lot sense to me after I got the "perfect" ending from the Destroy option.  I immediatly thought something was up.

    What are your thoughs?

  • I don't know. I've heard that this has been debunked before. It might make the ending slightly more tolerable if it was, but who knows? I prefer to remain optimistic.

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  • I was actually okay with the ending.  But...this has really made me question it.  I did notice that the Illusive Man looked blue like the Paragon choice and Anderson looked red like Renegade, though.  I also noticed that there was no investigate option.  After all the planning and questions, Shepard is actually talking to the Catalyst and she decides not to ask any questions.  The biggest thing for me is why Shepard and Anderson don't appear at the same place, but Anderson just appears one room over.  That made no sense to me.  Especially since that second room where Anderson appeared had no bodies in it.  The Reapers were sending humans up to be harvested so why would Anderson be transported to a room that no other body has been sent to?

    If this is true then that might be really cool if Bioware did that, but I can already hear the mad fans that they may have to purchase more DLC...but if it's not and the end is just the end, well it was one hell of a ride through three games that kept me on the edge of my seat for a very long time.

  • Actually, most fans don't mind paying money for another DLC or an update even. Not even ten percent, according to polls on BSN, are completely opposed to paying.

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  • Yeah but this is a little different.  To tell people to pay money to get the "real" ending isn't like downloading an extra level that you want.  Most people will...need (for lack of a better word) to see this real ending.  So to make you pay for something you actually need to complete a game is on a different level.  I'll still buy it, but I know it'll be controversial just like their day one DLC.

  • I dont really agree with this, I mean I LIKE the ending.

  • If you're referring to the indoctrination theory, it's legitimate. Given the fact that Shepard encountered and was effected by Reaper tech from the very beginning and in very obvious scenes from the, From Ashes DLC, gives causes for unexplained events. For example: Indoctrination causes hallucinations of ghostly presences and feelings of being watched. Although this is cause for complaint on my part, it does explain the child that no one ever seems to notice except Shepard.  


  • On the other hand I'm not one to argue, because I absolutely hated the ending. Given the fact that this "Catalyst" God Child, entity is telling me that all synthetic life will turn against their creators is ***. the Quarian's fault with their Geth research and reactivation is a brush off the shoulder. They can be reverted and made a war asset. If it were the Shepard that Bioware had me play as throughout the entire series, a renegade option would've been in order.

    And it comes down to the basic problem at hand, they don't give you anymore options, other than jump down a hole and blow up the Mass Relays, which was explained before in previous literary titles and previous games, that the destruction of one Mass Relay could destroy an entire solar system. So do the math Bioware.


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