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ME and ME2 Prior Story Choices

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  • Before the release of Mass Effect 3, I'd like to hear the story choices that everyone has ended on regarding Mass Effect 1 & 2. Who from your crew did you lose loyalty, refused to join the team, or died searching for Saren or during the Suicide Mission.

    Overall did you survive? Do you regret any decisions made along the way?


  • I played as a male sheppard during my mass effect campaign. I vaguely recall the choices I made in the first mass effect iteration, but I do recall that my entire squad survived the suicide mission in mass effect 2. As for as my romance option, I chose Ashley in the first Mass effect, and Jack in the second one.  The reason I went with Jack, was because I was curious to see (due to my choices), as to what her character would evolve into in the 3rd Mass Effect, if she evolved at all. If she does evolve, then I will be impressed with bioware's ability to foster character development throughout an entire trilogy. That being said, I will play mass effect 2 again, with the intention of going an entirely different route, just to see how the plot changes then.

  • I forgot to mention that when the choice came up between ceberus, or continued collaboration with the council and other alien races, I chose the latter.

  • Well I have about a half dozen Shepards that I tried to incorporate almost every decision possibility haha

    But as far as my "canon" Shepard, he's earthborn and ruthless. He romanced Ashley and let Kaidan die. He killed the Rachni queen, and killed all the colonists on Feros. He let the council die in ME1 and set up Anderson as the councilor. Everybody survived the suicide mission, as everyone was loyal, and since Ashley was... difficult, he hooked up with Miranda. He also kept the Collector's base for TIM. And miss al-Jilani has been punched. Twice.

  • I've done playthroughs with paragon decisions on some characters and Renegade choices on others, but one thing remains the same in every game... Wrex lives!!

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