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Mass Effect was one of the most action-packed space odysseys we've ever experienced, and it has at least two sequels that look to up that ante in nearly every way. Whether you are new to the universe or an experienced explorer, feel free to pull up a chair

A Look At The Classes of ME3

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  • A Look At The Classes Of Mass Effect 3

    Mass Effect has stuck to its class system from the beginning, and few changes seem in store for the third installment.  Each class offers drastically different options for approaching combat, and with the addition of multiplayer, you know have the option of balancing these checks and balances against other people.  Here's a look at some of the pros and cons of each class, and what we can expect from them in the upcoming multiplayer.

    Adept:  Adepts are the ultimate biotic powerhouse.  Being fitted with L5x implants have turned you into a mental powerhouse, capable of crushing enemies with you mind.

    • Pros: Adepts have access to the most powerful biotic abilities in the game. Throw is particularly useful. It has a quick recharge time, and knocks unshielded enemies out of the way, sometimes even out of the fight altogether. Pull is another good ability that removes enemies from behind cover, and when combined with Throw can knock enemies out of an entire map! Warp is a fantastic offensive tool that decimates biotic barriers, crumples enemy armor and stops health regeneration. The Adept's heavy-hitter however is Singularity. It's basically a giant black hole that sucks all nearby enemies into it for a short time, leaving them absolutely defenseless.
    • Cons: Adepts have no training in advanced weapons. Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles are all Greek technology to them. Also, while Adepts are, ahem, adept at destroying Barriers and Armor, they struggle to take down shields, lacking any techno prowess. Long-range foes and Geth will be your biggest enemies, as Adepts are not particularly suited for either of those. For short range organic crowd control, however, nothing beats the Adept. Can only wear Light Armor.
    • Multiplayer Thoughts: The Adept will be a hit-and-run character, unable to finish off multiple characters quickly. For one-on-one fights though, the Adept will be a force to be reckoned with. Throw and Pull figure to be invaluable against humans, but any character with robotic support will give the Adept fits. If Singularity and Stasis are available, things could get nasty fast.

    Engineer:  Engineers fill the role of nerdy techno whizzes.  Robots, drones and even Geth are yours to dispose of, with myriad ways to confuse your foe.

    • Pros: The Engineer offers a lot of ways to keep enemies tied up. Your best friend is your Combat Drone. It allows you to deal damage and keep an enemy at bay for as long as it is alive. It can also be upgraded to either deal more damage or explode upon death, both of which are excellent choices. Overload is invaluable; it's one of the few options available to you that is effective against shields. Synthetics are powerless against this class: Overload stops them in their tracks, and A.I. Hacking turns them against their own foes. However, Cryo Blast allows them to fight organics as well, but only if they are unprotected. Incinerate can tear through armor, cause damage over time, and stop regeneration.
    • Cons: Engineers are not built for direct combat, lacking heath and armor. Your combat drone is essential to surviving. While single enemies are the forte of the Engineer, a group of them can absolutely slaughter you. Prepare accordingly! While you have weapons against armor and shields, biotic barriers will give you fits, so bring along somebody who can warp.
    • Multiplayer Thoughts: The Engineer will adopt a pet-master style, as opposed to fighting people directly. The drone could be a fantastic tool in multiplayer, and the Engineer will be able to hack anybody else's robots as well. Overload and Cryo are good for stunning opponents, so Engineers can play the war of attrition perhaps better than anybody.

    Soldier:  The ultimate fighting machine, Soldiers are built to do one thing:  Shoot things.  Wanna do that?  Become a Soldier today!

    • Pros: Soldiers can take more punishment than anybody else in the game. They can wield any weapon, be it a shotgun, assault rifle or sniper rifle, with ease, and can even slow down the world to line up that next shot with Adrenaline Rush. Since they lack any powers, a wide variety of ammunition types allow them a situational solution to any problem. Disrupter Ammo rips through shields, Incendiary Ammo burns through armor, and they have access to the dramatic Concussive Shot, an ability that sends enemies flying, but more importantly, destroys biotic barriers. It also has a fairly quick recharge time, making it the bread-and-butter of the soldier's arsenal.
    • Cons: A lack of powers means you'll be spending most of your time shooting. Crowd control is a big problem for the Soldier. Cryo Ammo helps in this regard, but your gonna need people with tech and biotic abilities to round out your party. If you have a quick trigger finger, however, that can negate all these negatives. Beware of being overwhelmed by enemy rushes! Keep your shotgun on hand for such attacks. Geth and husks will be your biggest enemies, but Vorcha and Krogon can infuriate you with their health regen.
    • Multiplayer Thoughts: Have you ever played a competitive shooter online? Then the Soldier will probably play a lot like how you would expect. It's unlikely that Adrenaline Rush will slow time, but it figures to give shooter nuts some kind of advantage. The numerous choices of ammunition types will allow the Soldier to approach the situation on any number of ways with only their gun, but all other avenues of attack will be closed to you.

    Infiltrator:  A blending of the Soldier and Engineering class, the Infiltrator is the class of choice for the pro sniper, while offering some significant advantages.

    • Pros: The ideal class for long range engagement, the Infiltrator offers some solid advantages for the sniping enthusiast. The Tactical Cloak can be a deadly and versatile tool, allowing you to escape a particularly tough fight. Upgrading it also allows you to get an assassination bonus while using it, further enhancing your offensive capabilities. Like Soldiers, Infiltrators get a slow down while aiming down the scope of a Sniper Rifle, making it much easier to line up your shots. Incinerate works well against organics, and A.I. Hacking is invaluable against synthetics. Shields and barriers can cause problems, but you have access to Disruptor Ammo for the former, and Sniper Rifles put a big dent in kinetic barriers.
    • Cons: The Infiltrator can quickly be overrun by groups of foes. The Tactical Cloak can get you out of some of these situations, but note that your health and shields do not regenerate while it is active. Cryo Ammo helps a little in this regard, but when paired with a Sniper it is more suited for staving off larger foes. A few sniper bullets laced with Cryo will put down even the fiercest charging Krogon.
    • Multiplayer Thoughts: Obviously, sniping will be the order of the day. The cloak seems like an obvious ability to transfer to the multiplayer arena, and should allow you a free second to capture a headshot. The tech background will also not leave you defenseless against synthetics, but your defenses will be put to the test in close range combat.

    Sentinel:  Created from a hybrid of Engineer and Adept DNA, the Sentinel is the only class that wields biotic and tech powers, making it a very versatile class.

    • Pros: Sentinels are one of the most well-rounded classes available. The combination of Warp and Overload means that there is no kind of defense the Sentinel can't penetrate. Tech Armor is a fantastic defensive ability that provides extra padding, along with an explosive blast after it is depleted. You will use it more often than all your other abilities, particularly on the higher difficulties, so upgrades to this ability are recommended. Its only drawback is a long recharge time. Throw and Cryo Blast are excellent crowd control abilities, and Warp is always effective.
    • Cons: Sentinels aren't very effective with weapons. Since you're constantly using your powers, the cool down timer will be you're biggest enemy. Sentinels are very versatile, but that also means they lack focus, and don't really excel at defeating any certain type of enemy. Sentinels work best at medium range, so avoid getting to close or straying too far from opponents. Otherwise, the Sentinel is an extremely well-balanced class. They have no access to special ammo types.
    • Multiplayer Thoughts: The Sentinel figures to be a more strategic fighter than most in multiplayer. Since they are lacking in gunplay, you will need to get creative with your biotics and tech powers to stand a chance against the powerhouses. Remember: You have less gun prowess than a Soldier, less biotic power than an Adept and less technological expertise than an Engineer. Use your round suite of powers tot their fullest.

    Vanguard:  For the aspiring biotic soldier, nothing beats the Vanguard.  Thos in favor of up-close-and-personal combat need look no farther.

    • Pros: Vanguards can wreck shop in close quarters. They are incredibly proficient with a shotgun, and most of their powers center around getting near the enemy. Charge is the most formidable, and the Vanguard exclusive power. It rushes through cover, and recharges your shields and health. It also conveniently places you near the enemy, so you are free to shower them in the face with shotgun pellets. Incendiary and Cryo ammo rocks against organics, but are less effective against synthetics. If you find yourself in trouble or getting surrounded, use Shockwave and Pull to clear the way.
    • Cons: Vanguards don't fare too well against Geth, robots or shielded enemies. Incendiary Ammo can help you deal with armor, but barriers and shields can be a real problem. On the harder difficulties, enemies will shred you to pieces if you stay too close to them, making it tougher to fight close quarters. They have difficulty at long ranges on any difficulty however.
    • Multiplayer Thoughts: You will be up close to foes a lot, so your shotgun will rarely leave your hands. Hopefully the biotic Charge will be available, which will greatly improve your options for both offense and defense. On small maps, the Vanguard could prove to be a deadly foe, but will struggle if left out in the open.

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