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Mass Effect was one of the most action-packed space odysseys we've ever experienced, and it has at least two sequels that look to up that ante in nearly every way. Whether you are new to the universe or an experienced explorer, feel free to pull up a chair

ME3 Co-op

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  • Now that we know Multiplayer is confirmed - not competitive and separate from the campaign- what kind of ideas do you guys have about it? What places do you think players will battle at?

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  • I am definitely excited about this, not because I play games multiplayer all the time, but mostly because certain things in the main storyline will be affected by outcomes of co-op missions. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out; I can't wait.

    This also may be kind of a bridge between the Mass Effect games now and what is to come. I remember Casey and other people saying that they're done with Shepard after ME3, but far from done with the ME universe. Maybe they're thinking multiplayer is a direction they want to take the franchise in. This could act as a nice introduction to thinking about ME multiplayer.

  • I'm a big fan of co-op and so having co-op with one of my favorite games of the generation is a win. Plus i really want to play as a turian

  • I'll actually answer the questions this time.

    I just don't want this to have an impact on the story and just be its own thing. Or possibly just being a group of alliance marines having nothing to do with Shepard would be nice. I also hope they mix up the maps, having some urban full-scale city battles and then some open rural battles. These are just some thoughts

  • It would be interesting to see how the co op functions. I always have this concern that developers shove multiplayer elements in games simply because other people do it. I do hope for their success, stemming from the fact that mass effect is on the top of my list of franchises of all time

  • Interesting viewpoints. I myself am really hoping that they don't mess this up. I think that this probably is an excellent way to test the waters and possibly establish a platform for future Mass Effect titles that might be centered in the story's environment also- say a MMO or co-op series.

    Chris K, while it will be impacting the story, you'll still be able to beat the game successfully without this component, or so they say. We'll just have to see whether they have made a crutch with this.

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  • I personally think the multiplayer is going to be a success. I dont think they are going to just rush it, i think they are going to try and make it very successful. I myself would devote alot of my time on the multiplayer. Im sure you are going to have many different maps with full scale battles.

  • As far as the co-op mode affecting the main storyline, it helps, but it definitely is not necessary. It will affect what they're calling the "Galactic Readiness" of certain civilizations and military groups like the Salarian Special Tasks Group.

    One thing they did make clear is that you can go play the co-op mode by yourself, and prepare the galaxy that way. The co-op mode consists of (as far as I know) a setting where players will be defending something against waves of enemies. There will be a finite number of waves for each place setting and the difficulty setting will adjust to how many people are playing. Yes, there will probably be Casual, Normal, Veteran, and Hardcore to choose from, but within those, the enemy strength will vary. If I were to play through the co-op mode with three friends, it would be a lot more difficult than if I were just playing it alone, but you can do everything in that mode alone if you choose.

    This is something that some gamers are fearing, but doing so needlessly. Yes, developers may include a multiplayer aspect, but they understand that single-player experiences must stay. Yves Guillemot said it so succinctly. He said that they (Ubisoft) are "working in lots of new ways to bring a lot more possibilities to gamers on the multiplayer side, but also the single player side. You don't want to force people to do what they don't want to do, but you want to use the capacity that you have in being connected." I think a lot of developers, Bioware included, are starting to think like this. Multiplayer is great, but it can't replace single-player. And so my long-winded point is this: it's going to be awesome.

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  • Man, I got a chance to check out the campaign, and let me just say, it's incredible. I really want to see the multiplayer at work myself.

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