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Square Enix's flagship series has been so influential to the genre that it's almost synonymous with RPG. Use this space to share your favorite Final Fantasy moments or gossip about the happenings in Vana'diel. What's your favorite Final Fantasy?

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  • Forum Post: FF-XIII Versus . . .Thoughts and Opinions?

    Hi! I'm a new member to the forums, and GI in general, and just wanted to introduce myself to the group by way of a discussion. I recently wrote an article looking at the development of this elusive title (found here if you're interested) and just wanted to gauge the people in this group's...
  • Forum Post: Character #1

    Whats the most you can tell me about; Lightning
  • Forum Post: Most Evil FF Villian!

    I was just wondering in your opinion who is the must evil FF bad guy! Explain why to! I say Kuja He brought the phrase "Take over the world" to a whole new level. He didn't have a plan he just whaled himself into the Chuckie Cheese ball pit LOL
  • Forum Post: Final Fantasy 13 doesn't Suck!

    I don't see why everyone hates FF 13. I mean its not the best FF by any means but, why do people have to bang on it so much. I personally love 9 the most and I ve played FF 4,7,8,9, and 13 and My numbers 1.FF 9 2.FF 7 3.FF 8 4.FF 13 5.FF 4 I like 13 I just like other ones more but really 13 is qa...
  • Forum Post: Necron

    I have just read Squall_of_Seed's Final Fantasy IX Plot Analysis on and one of the things that peaked my interest was his theory that Necron, the final boss in the game was the core function of the Lifa Tree and not just a random powerful monster that you had to fight. Which would explain...
  • Forum Post: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals: The Crystal Bearer

    I don't know about you guys but I am going to give the Wii some love. Who's excited for the release of FFCC: The Crystal Bearers. I think it is looking to be a great game. It looks like it has some of the best graphics for the Wii and the story is pretty interesting. I am wondering how they will...
  • Forum Post: Final Fantasy XIV

    Started this thread before in the pc chat, before joining this group. For all the diehard Final Fantasy players just wanted to see what everyone thinks about XIV. I myself am very interested in the game, and I love the new concept of the game being gear driven, where you can switch gear to change classes...
  • Forum Post: Who truly is the biggest BA Hero in Final Fantasy?

    From the Light Warriors to Balthiar and the multitue verisions of Cid, who really is the ulitimate Hero in the Final Fantasy cosmos? And, just for fun, if two different heros would fight who would come out a champion....or not at all!
  • Forum Post: With so many jobs, who do you choose?

    Final Fantasy big time contribution to the RPG style of gaming is its job class. If you could choose, what would you be and why? The power of a Dark Knight in your hands? The skill of a Ninja? Or maybe a hybrid class? Better yet, can you create your own!
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