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Square Enix's flagship series has been so influential to the genre that it's almost synonymous with RPG. Use this space to share your favorite Final Fantasy moments or gossip about the happenings in Vana'diel. What's your favorite Final Fantasy?

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    We all know Final Fantasy games are huge! They have so much content and even if you decide not to do all the side missions, the main story can take up to 60 hours on it's own! So I wanna know how many of the FF games you have beaten! If anyone has actually beaten them all (along with their sequels...
  • Forum Post: FF-XIII Versus . . .Thoughts and Opinions?

    Hi! I'm a new member to the forums, and GI in general, and just wanted to introduce myself to the group by way of a discussion. I recently wrote an article looking at the development of this elusive title (found here if you're interested) and just wanted to gauge the people in this group's...
  • Forum Post: Final Fantasy 13: Weapons

    I m in The towwer on gran pulse. i want transform some weapons, does any body know the max limit of levels the weopons need before you can transform them
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