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Square Enix's flagship series has been so influential to the genre that it's almost synonymous with RPG. Use this space to share your favorite Final Fantasy moments or gossip about the happenings in Vana'diel. What's your favorite Final Fantasy?

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  • Forum Post: Re: Least Favorite Final Fantasy Character

    I agree about Squall. He's just so cold and unfriendly in a charmless way, the direct opposite of his goofy dad. Actually, I think I disliked most of the characters in FFVIII. Zell Dincht (Dincht? Seriously?! That sounds like something that could happen to your car) and Selphie were the annoying...
  • Forum Post: Dissidia 012

    I have the first Dissidia for PSP and im going to the store soon and i liked the first game,and i was wondering if the second one was good enough to by because im not gonna be home all summer and i am carrying my PSP every where. I was wonder if you all think its good enough to buy. ANswers?
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