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Square Enix's flagship series has been so influential to the genre that it's almost synonymous with RPG. Use this space to share your favorite Final Fantasy moments or gossip about the happenings in Vana'diel. What's your favorite Final Fantasy?

Least Favorite Final Fantasy

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  • List the FF games you've played, from your least favorite to your favorite. No spinoffs or sequels!

    Here are mine:

    9. Final Fantasy II- The stats system ruins it for me.

    8. Final Fantasy III- I played it before and didn't like it. I bought it again and I like it more. Unfortunately, the story and characters are weak, some parts are too obscure, and when you're stumped, it's completely boring. But when you're on a roll, it's a blast.

    7. Final Fantasy XII- I like it, but there are some parts that piss me off about it. The lack of gil in treasure chests and  time consumption annoy me. But, it can be incredibly fun because of its addictive nature. Plus, it gets points for having Montblanc.

    6. Final Fantasy XIII- It's a great game, it just doesn't feel like a Final Fantasy game. The good (awesome soundtrack, battle system, and graphics) outweigh the bad (Vanille, it's too *** linear).

    5. Final Fantasy VI- Yeah, I put it this low. Sure it's great with its amazing soundtrack and improved battle system, but I personally find it a bit overrated...

    4. Final Fantasy- This one is extremely underrated. No one talks about it. It's incredibly fun with an awesome plot twist at the end, and the remake has some of my favorite music tracks ever.


    3. Final Fantasy VII- I don't care what people say about this game, it kicks ass. The story, the characters, the music, everything. I love this game.

    2. Final Fantasy IV- This game is by far, one of the best SNES games out there. Kain and Cecil are amazing, the music is beautiful, the plot was phenominal, and the only part I don't like is that you don't know when it's your turn to attack. Final Fantasy VI may be technilogically superior, but this one had more charm.

    1. Final Fantasy X- Hands down, my favorite RPG of all time. The characters were well developed, the music was amazing, the graphics were jaw-dropping at the time and still looks great today, and the combat system. I love it.

    What about you guys?

  • From the top(or the bottom as it may be)

    14. Final Fantasy 14... beta tested this sorry excuse for a game and wasnt impressed... as a matter of fact only one i hated as much was...

    13. Final Fantasy 13... Game pretty much played itself and left me stuck because I didnt keep switching every character and grinding forever and ever till i maxed everything with everyone and I hated the crap story and the forgettable characters.Only exception was Fang.

    12. Final Fantasy 12... Game could have had it all... but it was too long in the wrong places and too short everywhere else.. The Hunt system combined with the bazaar is a great side-game. I beat the final boss in 5 minutes with my backup characters using nothing but attack. THIS SHOULDNT HAPPEN IN FINAL FANTASY!!!!

    11. Final Fantasy 11... Not really onboard with paying monthly to play Final Fantasy

    10, Final Fantasy 10... Tidus...... take his voice and/or whining attitude out and this would have been so much higher

    9.   Final Fantasy 3...  Got so aggravated I never even finished it, which for me was a first.

    8.  Final Fantasy 5... I loved the job system but the difficulty was all over the place.. great plot though

    7.  Final Fantasy 2... Way too short and I got aggravated with learning magic

    6.  Final Fantasy .... Nothing bad to say I just liked others better

    5.  Final Fantasy 9.. The card game SUCKS... other than that I loved the way it went old school for a playstation FF plus loved the chocobo game... Things like Hades, the Ark, and the excalibur 2 blew chunks trying to get though

    4.  Final Fantasy 7.. WAY overhyped.... Sephiroth is the greatest bad guy ever though!

    3.  Final Fantasy 4... My first Final Fantasy and the best set of characters in any of the games

    2.  Final Fantasy 6.. Best Story of any Final Fantasy game  and still some of the greatest moments for me in a video game ever... plus the Final Boss was super hard

    1.  Final Fantasy 8.... LOVED THE GF AND JUNCTION SYSTEMS... I know I'm one of the only ones but between being a mercenary instead of the regular hero and the aforementioned systems I fell in love with Final Fantasy all over again with this game. I can only hope that 15 can help recapture the feelings this game brought to me in my teenage years now that I'm an adult.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmm............ok, here it goes.

    Final Fantasy II

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy III

    Final Fantasy V

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Final Fantasy XII

    Final Fantasy IX

    Final Fantasy VI

    Final Fantasy IV

    Final Fantasy X

    Final Fantasy VII

    I never played XI or XIV beta (is that out now?  I don't play many MMOs), so I have no opinion on those...

  • FFXIII is my least favorite, not because of the combat though. The story was what made it hard for me. The story was goog, it just wan't a good story for a video game. Most of the characters weren't even decided on what they were going to do until the game was almost over. I understand that the internal struggle makes for a good story but how am I supposed to feel like I should devote time to playing a game when the characters in that game don't even want to win?





  • Hmm...I've only played about 9 of the 14, so here's my list.

    9. Final Fantasy XII - I just...really disliked this game. The gambit system annoyed me, and the graphics, while they were detailed, appeared grainy and lackluster to me. Not to mention the complete lack of character development...I could go on, but I'll just move on to....

    8. Final Fantasy III - I almost beat this game...I got to the end boss before I died and rage quit 4evar. I liked the job system for the most part but the characters were pretty dull.

    7. Final Fantasy IV - I don't really have anything bad to say about this game, I just...don't like it as much as the others :P I really liked the characters and the battle system (DS version reminded me of FFIX, one of my favorites).

    6. Final Fantasy XIII - Story is a big thing for me, which unfortunately FFXIII lacked, but the battle system truly shone for me. The battling and crystarium were big highlights for me, and although the characters don't have much development, I did enjoy their designs.

    5. Final Fantasy VIII - The junctioning system was a little hard to grasp at first, but I did enjoy it once I got the hang of it.

    4. Final Fantasy VI - I really enjoyed this game, I wanted to try out one of the older FF's on a whim and I'm glad I did! FFV is next on my list.

    3. Final Fantasy VII - A great game that I truly believe deserves a re-vamp. I really enjoyed the materia system and the cast of characters were fun for the most part (Cait Sith isn't exactly my favorite though).

    2. Final Fantasy IX - Another game a thoroughly enjoyed, I really liked the medieval-like setting. I especially liked learning skills from equipment. Not to mention I, in general, liked the majority of the characters and the storyline (although the end boss seemed a little out of place).

    1. Final Fantasy X - My all-time favorite! I loved the story, the characters, the battle system, the sphere grid...sometimes I wish I could erase my prior knowledge of playing this game so I could experience it anew once more :)

  • You haven't played ten or tactics? You've got to. Also, XII. XII had one of the most intriguing stories apart from the usual "people join together to save the world" tropes in fantasy stories. The main campaign was a bit easier than normal though, but the marks you could find and battle were brutal.

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  • Oh no. X was listed as my #1, and XII is my least favorite :P And actually, I have played Tactics Advance, and it's silly that I didn't mention it -- it was also a great game that I thoroughly enjoyed (and put a total of 140 hours into). I haven't played the original Tactics for the PSX though.

  • I see. Yeah, the PSX version is definitely one of the best Final Fantasies I've played. There's a lot of political intrigue to be found in the story.

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  • Personally there was no FF title that I hate, but if I had to rank them it would be:

    10) FFIII- Just couldn't get into the story, but I also played it much later after its release, like 10 years ago lol.

    9) FFVI- First time I played it my English was very poor so I didn't get invested in the story and characters like others were. That's the only reason why its this low. I'm going to play the hell out of it once it's released on PSN, as I've lost the CDs for the game a long time ago, so this could be bumped up towards the top.

    8) FFVIII- Liked the futuristic feel from the themes and the plot good, but I couldn't get over the junction system. I really shouldn't have nearly 4k HP at lv20 lol. Just made it a bit easy for my taste.

    7) FFX- The lack of world map was disappointing, but the story and battle system outweighed the negatives. And the vice acting didn't bother me as much as it did others.

    6) FFXIII- I really didn't mind this game as much some others seem to. I liked the characters for the most part. The story was good, and the battle system wasn't much different than FFXII in my opinion. Just much more fast pace which gave it the illusion of more action. Only part that bothered me was it's linearity at the beginning and lack of side anything.

    5) FFXII- Lack of word map missing again, but it did seem to be much more open than FFX and XIII were.

    4) FFIV- No particular reason why it's in the middle, I liked everything about the game, but I just like the others a bit more.

    3) FFVII- This one is my sentimental favorite. I loved the characters, story and all the extra stuff that was packed in it. From the Golden Saucer, Chocobo breeding/racing, to hidden fights and materia. Lets not forget Aerith dying, lol.

    2) FFXI- This one may not be for everyone since it's an MMO and people aren't too keen on P2P, but man I loved this game. I've never had more invested in a FF title before than I have with this one, and not just because I was paying to play. The character building was so amazing compared to other MMOs, in my opinion. One character with multiple jobs. They really reached back to older FF titles for this one. The art style, themes, and my favorite the Job System. Being able to be a Black Mage, Warrior, Monk, or Dragoon all on one character at any time was beyond incredible. It had pretty much all the classic FF jobs with the exception of few like Geomancer and Mimic. The stories in FFXI was one of the greatest in a FF title in my opinion. RotZ and CoP especially were amazing and if you had to miss out because you were  put off by the P2P model, then I suggest you youtube FFXI and check out the stories there. They are one of the greatest.

    1) FFIX- Though stand atop in my opinion. Story, battle system, characters, art style, themes, music, and the side quests are all just flawless. The card game was perfected from FFVIII, in my opinion, and while chocobo breeding didn't make it, it was replaced with a even more fun chocobo game and ways to obtain the coveted Golden Chocobo. While I said FFVII is my sentimental favorite, I can't deny how technically superior FFIX was to it and I particularly like the homage to the older FF titles with the music, art, and themes. I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

    I should also note that while I've played FFT, it isn't a numbered title so I consider it a spinoff, (others may disagree), but it definitely deserves to be played by anyone who calls them selves a FF fan and it sits on top of the FF pile. I'd put it somewhere between FFVII and IX in my list. And I'm talking about the PSX version, not the GBA FFTA version.

  • Final Fantasy II is about the only game in the series that I simply don't enjoy. Its battle system is confusing, its story is uninteresting (though I'm sure the sheer fact that it existed was amazing back in the day), and it's just all-around dull.

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  • Final Fantasy XIV is the worst final fantasy game ever!

  • 13. Final Fantasy XIII

    12. Final Fantasy X

    11. Final Fantasy I

    10. Final Fantasy II

    9. Final Fantasy III

    8. Final Fantasy XII

    7. Final Fantasy VII

    6. Final Fantasy XI

    5. Final Fantasy V

    4. Final Fantasy VI

    3. Final Fantasy IV

    2. Final Fantasy IX

    1. Final Fantasy VIII

    I wanted to add that, if we were counting spin offs, I would rank XIII below Legends and X-2. That is how atrocious that piece of crap was.

    Also, Tactics is, hands down, the best Final Fantasy game ever made.

    One last thing, Lost Odyssey would be a tie for 3rd.

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  • I have to say 9 just for the fact I didnt like any of the Characters and the fact that Limit Breaks wasnt anywhere as good as the games before it.

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  • Another person that likes FFVI and FFX more than VII?! :DDDDD

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  • I still don't know why everyone loves FFVII. I may be lynched, but I hated it.

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