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Anyone have old ps1 any extra final fantasies

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  • i gave my playstation along with most of my games to a less fortunate family awhile back, but i am really needing to play some old school final fantasy anyone have a playstation or even just any of the final fantasies they would want to sell me?

  • do you have a ps3 or psp? if so they got 7-9 on psn.

  • If that's true then i think madd0x has a much better suggestion, but if you just absolutely need the legit disc and everything then I still have Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX (of course i can't give you 8 because that's the game I grew up with and I think I'd be heart broken a little bit if I lost my "baby" lol) so if you want i might could give you VII for like whatever it cost to ship plus like 10-15$ for the actual game (which i know sounds cheap but that's cuz its not like in perfect condition for selling at like 100 bucks like they do on eBay or amazon for it, but it still works perfectly with no glitches that I have ever noticed in my time of playing it and it has relatively zero scratches (like maybe four itty bitty scratches on each disc at the most which are almost completely unnoticeable anyways) on it at all its just I don't have the guide that comes in the game case and I seem to have lost my play station 1 memory card so I can't play it right now anyways (which of course if you have an extra ps1 mem card id give it to you just for the card and whatever the shipping cost would be i guess)... and really really sorry about the long message i tend to do that at times, but i would still suggest trying to get them from psn if at all possible

  • Like i said I'm still extremely sorry for the long message.  If it's to hard to understand let me know and I'll try to make it so people can actually understand it instead of using my backwards way of writing.

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