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To MMO Players

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  • I'm sure many of you here are aware of the disaster that was FFXIV, but what some of you guys might not know is that the game wasn't canned. Instead the original director, Tanaka, was taken off the development and a new director/producer was brought in, Yoshi P, and they were tasked with fixing what was broken (almost everything).

    However instead of simply fixing everything that was wrong with the original game, the new director decided to totally rebuild the entire game from ground up while simultaneously making the original version playable for those who chose to stick around while waiting for v2.0, now called FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

    Well he's essentially achieved that and FFXIV:ARR is entering beta next month and a PC release this holiday season, December I believe, and a PS3 version scheduled shortly after in 2013.

    So what I wanted to ask those of you who are MMO players who may have heard about this disaster of a game who's essentially been given a Phoenix Down (hehe FF pun) and given a second chance at success, or even played it themselves is; are you looking forward to FFXIV:ARR?

    I sure as hell am. I've been wanting another great MMO experience since I stopped playing FFXI almost 3 years ago. I tried a couple between then and now and none have kept me interested like FFXI has for almost 7 years. So I really am looking forward to the new version to see it it'll bring the old MMO spark I've been missing.

    So, anyone else here looking forward to FFXIV:ARR?

    Oh and before I hit post, I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm not making this threat to bash the disaster that was the original release, I'm sure we all know how bad it was. I just want to know if there is any genuine interest or excitement about the new version that looks very promising (there are videos and interviews from Gamescom).

  • Oh man, I must be the only one whose looking forward to this, lol.

  • I look forward to it. It can only get better, in my opinion. At least it's better than what they did with TOR though. I really want to see them go far with the MMO, since I liked what they did with XI, although it was hard as hell to play through.

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