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FF VII still alive and well

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  • It seems FFVII is getting a PC release. While I have never been the biggest FFVII fan, it's good to see the still making waves. But, I have to wonder if a PC release is the best way to go.

    I mean... why not do an HD rerelease like the FFX title in the works? I have to believe that smething like that for the big three consoles would be a more lucrative endeavor for Square than a PC release. It would take more work, of course, but the payout would be phenomenal.

    Some would say they would rather see Kingdom Hearts 3 or a new FF, FFXIII Versus or FFXIV for console, but why not take advantage of what is already a proven moneymaker, and a game that brought them fame to begin with?

    I don't like KH or FFVII, but would purchase a FFVII HD release before I would buy KH.

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  • A Final Fantasy VII remake probably won't happen until at least the next console generation. It doesn't make sense to make a remake of something at the end of a console cycle, because the "new" graphics will soon be outdated. Releasing this PC version might be an attempt to build up interest for FF VII a few years before they start working on a true hd remake so that people that didn't get a chance to play FF VII when it first came out could get a chance to experience the old version and want a new version.

  • Square has stated that a FFVII remake won't be coming.

    I don't agree with your reasoning though. If that was the case, there would be no more new releases for the PS3/360. Instead, there's The Last of Us, Halo 4, AC 3, Borderlands 2... every upcoming fall title could benefit frm next gens improvements, yet they aren't waiting for it. One would believe that the next Sony/Microsoft console s will be backward compatible so all of the new games coming can still be played.

    This generation is far from dead, as it will be at least a year before the next Sony and Microsoft consoles are released, probably more. There's a reason there was no peep about them at E3 this year.

    "I'm a dude, playin' a dude, disguised as anotha dude! You a dude that don't know what dude he is!"  -Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

  • I wasn't saying that this generation is dead, what I was saying was that if someone wanted to make a modern remake of an old game wouldn't make sense if what is modern now will be outdated by the time the product would be released. There's plenty of room for new games to be released before the next consoles because those would be new games that people wouldn't have experienced yet, but the point of a FFVII remake would be to make it with cutting edge technology so that people who already played it could go through a version that would seem like it was a game that was brand new but if SquareEnix started making a remake right now, the technology it was made with would seem slightly outdated by the time it came out, that's not the case for Halo 4, AC3, Borderlands 2 or The Last of Us.

    I saw the article you're talking about, where they said that they wouldn't make a FFVII remake until they made a game at least as good as FFVII, but I wouldn't be surprised if that statement was made to just hype up FFVII some more, because that statement was made only a few days before this "new" FFVII was announced for PC.

  • I agree with Knapptime. However I don't really think a release is possible in this generation or the next, given the amount of overhaul required to bring the game up to standard. I remember Chris Mrkvicka brought up an interesting point about the more racy aspects of the game being depicted in HD. Would it even be possible to include those scenes without the game being slapped with an M rating? I doubt it. Then, there's those translation errors, etc., in addition to storyline questions.

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