I have 159 fragments. I'm missing the bestiary fragment. Yea, the toughest one. I broke out the strategy guide to help me hunt these buggers down but I have a feeling I'm going to have issues. So this is gonna be my post asking you guys for assistance.

The first monster I'm stuck on is Apkallu. The guide says its in Academia500 AF in "the east side of the map just north of the long central platform."

I'm assuming that its on the platform directly above the east side of the longest platform that runs through the center of the map. It has a cactuar stone and a color cube on it. But, I'm not encountering anything there. I am also assuming that it appears in a distortion but I could be wrong. I have the Battlemania fragment skill to help out with the distortion monsters but so far its proving to be difficult.

So... anyone able to help me out?