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Whether you feel like the original Fallout titles were better than 3, or never played the originals and are just wondering how Bethesda's amazing reinvention stacks up to its isometric predecessors, this is where you can meet up with other wastelanders and

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  • Forum Post: Let's breathe some life back into the group! (Fallout 4 discussion)

    "Nuclear Winter is coming." So, I assume that by now, you've heard the rumors circling the net about Bethesda's next entry in the highly popular Fallout series. Of course, they are only rumors at this point (Bethesda has neither acknowledged or declined the recent buzz), but I can keep...
  • Forum Post: Do You Think With Wasteland 2 Coming Out Bethesda Will Start A New Isometric Tactical Fallout Game?

    Was just wondering because CRPG's are the best genre so maybe we will get Tactics 2!!!
  • Forum Post: Fallout 4 Location

    I know there's already a few out there but personally, I think they should either go with California ; like they did with the First Fallout but with today's amazing graphics and visuals (that is of course that they should change the graphic engine to be like Skyrim). The HUB would be a main destination...
  • Forum Post: Ever think of this for Fallout 4?

    Soooo... I was sitting in my bedroom wandering the Mojave when suddenly, a idea came to me.... What if Fallout 4 took place in New York City! Although Fallout 3 was on the East Coast, maybe somethings from Fallout 3 could tie into Fallout 4, just like Mass Effect did. You could still have the MIRV, Vengeance...