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Whether you feel like the original Fallout titles were better than 3, or never played the originals and are just wondering how Bethesda's amazing reinvention stacks up to its isometric predecessors, this is where you can meet up with other wastelanders and

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  • Forum Post: Do You Think With Wasteland 2 Coming Out Bethesda Will Start A New Isometric Tactical Fallout Game?

    Was just wondering because CRPG's are the best genre so maybe we will get Tactics 2!!!
  • Forum Post: Fallout New Vegas Hardcore mode

    I would appretiate if someone could tell me how to get started in hardcore mode for Fallout New Vegas. Thank you for help.
  • Forum Post: Hours of Fallout Played

    This is for boasting, gloating, bragging, and comparing. It doesn't matter if you play Fallout 1, 2, 3, or New Vegas just brag. Please update your post every 1 to 2 weeks. Thanks goes out to TheWidowMaker19 for the idea.
  • Forum Post: Not so Wild Wasteland...

    So I recently completed my second playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas at around 65 hours, doing the Mr. House faction quests. I played it using the Wild Wasteland perk, and had only one occurence of memory caused by the perk. It was where you get attacked by a pack of grandmas weilding rolling pins. I...
  • Forum Post: No Love for Legion?

    Hi there I wanna talk about something short and sweet. With all the FANTASTIC companions there is one thing I'm missing here. The lack of a Ceasar's Legion companion. Of course there is 2 pro-NCR (Rose and Boone), but not 1 pro-Ceasar's Legion? Hopefully with the new Dead Money I can get...
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