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Whether you feel like the original Fallout titles were better than 3, or never played the originals and are just wondering how Bethesda's amazing reinvention stacks up to its isometric predecessors, this is where you can meet up with other wastelanders and

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  • Forum Post: Do You Think With Wasteland 2 Coming Out Bethesda Will Start A New Isometric Tactical Fallout Game?

    Was just wondering because CRPG's are the best genre so maybe we will get Tactics 2!!!
  • Forum Post: Fallout 4 Location

    I know there's already a few out there but personally, I think they should either go with California ; like they did with the First Fallout but with today's amazing graphics and visuals (that is of course that they should change the graphic engine to be like Skyrim). The HUB would be a main destination...
  • Forum Post: Fallout: Nuka Break

    So GI linked the vid to the first episode to Nuka Break yesterday. So I went home and watched it (no sound and poor vid quality at work). I really liked it, especially the character Ben (the ghoul). Then I saw they have a 15 minute movie of Nuka break and watched it as well. Was just wondering if anyone...
  • Forum Post: New Fallout New Vegas DLC announced!

    " The Courier’s journey ends this September. We’re excited to share that Lonesome Road, the fourth add-on pack for Fallout: New Vegas, will be available for download on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Steam on September 20th. In Lonesome Road you are contacted by the original Courier...
  • Forum Post: Hours of Fallout Played

    This is for boasting, gloating, bragging, and comparing. It doesn't matter if you play Fallout 1, 2, 3, or New Vegas just brag. Please update your post every 1 to 2 weeks. Thanks goes out to TheWidowMaker19 for the idea.
  • Forum Post: Re: Fallout: New Vegas Video Sharing Thread

    Hey everyone, got another one for ya today - a short video of the clash with the Powder Gangers outside Goodsprings. Even if you're totally familiar with the game, I'd appreciate any responses or constructive criticism to my format ! And don't be shy to share your own videos around here....
  • Forum Post: Fallout: New Vegas Video Sharing Thread

    Greetings everyone, long time member, first time poster. Well, I think it's been a while anyway - but I never really felt compelled to post threads of responses as I haven't activity been playing Fallout 3 since I joined. BUT now that NV has arrived, and we're all probably neck deep in Mojave...
  • Forum Post: Fallout: New Vegas and difficulty.

    Greetings Vault Dwellers!!!! I have done extenisve research on New Vegas and I might say there was one thing that stood out amoung the rest. Its difficulty. The main culprit is DT. In Fallout 3 you could take down a Deathclaw literally at level 2. In 1 and 2 this was not possible. Well, New Vegas seems...
  • Forum Post: Possible Fallout Improvements

    In Fallout 3 I often found myself wishing the local map on the Pip Boy was a 3D version, instead of a flat 2D. It could be very helpful, especially in enclosed spaces where there are multiple floor levels in the same building section you are in. Also it would be nice if they added destructable invironments...
  • Forum Post: Fallout : New Vegas Collector's Edition You can pre-order the Collector's Edition. The Box art appears to be what we guess, a NCR Soldier.
  • Forum Post: Have you pre ordered New Vegas yet?

    I pre ordered New Vegas. Im so excited. Are you guys gonna pre order it or not?
  • Forum Post: box art fallout 3

    so does any one know what the box art will be. i am dying to know
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