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Whether you feel like the original Fallout titles were better than 3, or never played the originals and are just wondering how Bethesda's amazing reinvention stacks up to its isometric predecessors, this is where you can meet up with other wastelanders and

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  • Forum Post: Do You Think With Wasteland 2 Coming Out Bethesda Will Start A New Isometric Tactical Fallout Game?

    Was just wondering because CRPG's are the best genre so maybe we will get Tactics 2!!!
  • Forum Post: Fallout 3 or New Vegas?

    New Vegas wasn't very different from Fallout 3. There were, however, still many minor differences in the gameplay and how you generally handled situations given to you that changed the game for the better. Major factions played big roles in how you played the game, and the story generally made your...
  • Forum Post: What is your favorite Fallout weapon

    I know it's terribly mundane but I'd have to choose the silenced 10mm pistol. I remember the first time I got it, running around megaton murdering silently with sadistic glee!.
  • Forum Post: Fallout 4 Location

    I know there's already a few out there but personally, I think they should either go with California ; like they did with the First Fallout but with today's amazing graphics and visuals (that is of course that they should change the graphic engine to be like Skyrim). The HUB would be a main destination...
  • Forum Post: Fallout: Nuka Break

    So GI linked the vid to the first episode to Nuka Break yesterday. So I went home and watched it (no sound and poor vid quality at work). I really liked it, especially the character Ben (the ghoul). Then I saw they have a 15 minute movie of Nuka break and watched it as well. Was just wondering if anyone...
  • Forum Post: Hours of Fallout Played

    This is for boasting, gloating, bragging, and comparing. It doesn't matter if you play Fallout 1, 2, 3, or New Vegas just brag. Please update your post every 1 to 2 weeks. Thanks goes out to TheWidowMaker19 for the idea.
  • Forum Post: What is your favorite quest/event from each Fallout game?

    Out of curiosity, which ones are your favorites from each Fallout game that you've played? Off the top of my head, my favorite in Fallout 3 was probably the Reilly's Rangers quest, just because of my personal experience with it. It was a pretty cool quest in its own right, but when I played it...
  • Forum Post: Favorite Fallout 3 Perk

    What is your favorite fallout 3 perk?
  • Forum Post: Fallout: New Vegas Video Sharing Thread

    Greetings everyone, long time member, first time poster. Well, I think it's been a while anyway - but I never really felt compelled to post threads of responses as I haven't activity been playing Fallout 3 since I joined. BUT now that NV has arrived, and we're all probably neck deep in Mojave...
  • Forum Post: The most annoying/obnoxious character in Fallout 3

    That poem chick in Vault 101. You can NEVER upset her for evil file; and her poem is stupid. 2nd: 'Biwwy' [Although the 'Wazer Wifle' is cool]
  • Forum Post: Possible Fallout Improvements

    In Fallout 3 I often found myself wishing the local map on the Pip Boy was a 3D version, instead of a flat 2D. It could be very helpful, especially in enclosed spaces where there are multiple floor levels in the same building section you are in. Also it would be nice if they added destructable invironments...
  • Forum Post: wanamingo

    it might be wanamango or somthing, but I WANT THAT COOL ALIEN THING BACK!
  • Forum Post: Free Premium Theme: trouble getting it free

    According to Anette's article found here, , I should be able to get the premium theme free but can't in the Live Marketplace. Does anyone know how to get this?
  • Forum Post: Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition

    I have been putting my interest in Fallout 3 since it came out, and have playing it with my friends recently. I still have not picked up the game, so should I get the Game of the Year Edition, or just get regular Fallout 3?
  • Forum Post: Favorite GNR song

    Which song did you like best?
  • Forum Post: Help for Firelance and any other weapons?

    i really want to get the firelance and other cool weapons. I already have Lincolns Repeater, Fat man, Alien Blaster, Vengeance, Jack, Ol' Painless. So please help me out?
  • Forum Post: Have you guys heared anything roumors about the NEW army of two game

    I was just wondering if any of you heard anything about the NEW army of two game?
  • Forum Post: wtf moments in fallout3

    have you ever been playing and saw a glitch or wormed your self out of something impossable or you just got lucky?dont be afraid to post more than one!!
  • Forum Post: Whats Your Favorite Quest in Fallout 3?

    There are a lot of quests in Fallout 3 largely independent of the Main Quest. I believe the side quests are what make Fallout 3 so much fun to play, and how the choices made in the quests are reflected in the Fallout World. Which one is your favorite? Or do you prefer a specific part of the Main Quest...
  • Forum Post: Mirv help?

    how do i get the mirv
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