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Ever think of this for Fallout 4?

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  • Soooo... I was sitting in my bedroom wandering the Mojave when suddenly, a idea came to me.... What if Fallout 4 took place in New York City! Although Fallout 3 was on the East Coast, maybe somethings from Fallout 3 could tie into Fallout 4, just like Mass Effect did. You could still have the MIRV, Vengeance, that kick ass follower Fawkes and anything else that you had in your Fallout 3 story mode. For the trailer, I picture something  flying through New York City, and eventually landing in front of The Empire State Building, and this whole time "New York New York" is playing. Thats some pretty deep crap. Please add stuff to this. Thank you for looking and replying to this post and please critique me, but please dont critique if you know your going to say slanderous crap.


  • I personally am having a hard time focusing my thoughts on Fallout 4 with Rage around the corner... but I would certainly like to see New York done right in a post-apocalyptic game. Scavenging through highrise apartments for supplies is something I've always wanted to do, circa I Am Legend.

  • Dude i couldnt agree anymore (see delta i told you! hahaha ) especially with its massive monuments and locations

    Niagra falls

    Statue of liberty

    Empire state building

    but you would have to have regular new york as well (the country side)  i want another brotherhood based story again.

  • The Gateway Arch

  • It could be pretty amazing. I'd buy it for sure.




  • @TheWidowMaker19 Yes! I was hopping for that to. Although there was the Brotherhood and Enclave in FNV, they really didnt effect the story line. How about the same ideas I had for Fallout 4, but include a final battle of the game infront of the Empire State Building with the Brotherhood from the East teaming up with the NCR to kick the Enclave and Legions ass's. Yes, the NCR might be in the west, but what if they traveled East to find more land and recruit soldiers, and the whole time the Legion was following them. Now that would be freaking amazing.


  • Well i do have one dissagrement with some idea's tho.Bethesda cant contenue characters from previous games cause it would ruin the idea of building him up (bethesda would never remove the skill tree) and i dont want NCR teaming with brotherhood cause i planned an idea for there truce to be broken.Just there 2 diffrent anyways comment if you like my Fallout4 (NY) DLC idea's

    The Institute

    The Broken Banks (yay for the apocalypse in my home state)

    *** there was this other place ive heard mentioned be4 tht sounded kewl but im havin a brainfart

  • i can definitely see NY happening, and honestly think thats where the next fallout will be set, but persoally im kinda sick of having every other game that comes out set in either NY or LA. i thought infamous 2 had a really cool setting going with the whole pseudo-new orleans thing, and theres plenty of other awesome locations around the country that fallout has never explored. personally i would love to see what became of hawaii after the war, or possibly have it set in the great lakes region or texas so they might be able to add on DLC with areas in canada or mexico, especially now that they already gave us some clues about a post-nuclear mexico with what raul told you in NV.

  • NYC would be too crowded with infrastructure in my opinion. It would be like if you took Fallout 3, removed the desolate wasteland part, and just expanded the DC area as well as the subway system. Every environment would look identical and grey.

    Personally, I would also like to see Fallout 4 continuing the Fallout 3 storyline, perhaps 50 years in the future, perhaps with the various major DC settlements having a unified government. Most of all, I would just like to see any Fallout game that has the Skyrim engine.

  • @ Christian

    The BOS and the Enclave weren't a major part of the storyline in New Vegas because they're not supposed to be by this point in the timeline.  As of Fallout 2 really, they were in decline or destroyed respectively, so New Vegas presented a correct version of the canon.  Additionally, the BOS on the West Coast couldn't deal with the NCR war machine, so what makes you think that a small, weaker detachment on the East Coast could?  Or the Legion, for that matter, if the NCR didn't deal with them first?

    No, for Fallout 4, give us something original.  Maybe use some older factions in newer ways, but mainly introduce some new and fleshed out factions like New Vegas did with the Legion or the Powder Gangers.  Just not another BOS vs. Enclave storyline, or a third version of the Enclave or the super mutants trying the same *** thing, with each time making less and less sense.  Something new

  • Maybe Chicago?

  • @ febtober swords

    Bethesda took a lot of leeway with the geography of DC in that they condensed Virginia and Maryland so that there could be wastelands near DC.  There's no reason that they couldn't do the same with the suburbs north of NYC because that area would be pretty wastelandy (not that Fallout games at this point should be so desolate anyway, but I digress)


    @ Sgt Buzzob

    Chicago is in Tactics

  • Then why not a follo0w up to tactics as an actual person?

  • New York would definitely be interesting. :]

    No matter what they decide to do in Fallout 4 (assuming they make another one), I'd most likely buy it. I would like to see Fallout 3's story continued, but then again, I'd like to see something new. :\ Hrmmm... I guess it's a little early to be thinking about it anyway. :P

  • Things brotherhood has that ncr doesnt

    1. flying vertiberd that shoot nukes

    2.liberty prime

    and second of all i said NY not NYC if you dont know ney york has 'country there' you know the rural part? so not all just NYC

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