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Dunwich Mystery?

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  • I recently caught wind of this as I have yet to discover the site on my playthrough, but as I hear theres a rather good mystery in the works here. Does anyone have any ideas on it? Or any help for myself who am just starting out on uncovering this mystery?

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  • It's probably one of the most memorable places you'll go to in the Wasteland. I almost p***ed my pants. Have you been to Vault 106? It's basically like that, flashbacks sorta, and at the end there's a surprise.

  • I dont believe Ive been so-Ive been to a few vaults but nothing to memorable except one of them was f***ing jam packed with mirelurks. Anythign i should know going in? I would youtube it, but they all seem like massive spoilers so i cant bring myself to watch them being a half-a$$ed purist

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  • Don't youtube it, it WILL spoil the surprise for you. It's pretty creepy inside, but if you're a Wasteland master (like me :), then you'll be loaded with Stimpaks and you'll just shoot the place up. And it will be a cakewalk if you have a trustworthy partner

  • david hasselfhoff is at the end and he wants you to get into his car then float away into the distance




  • right now i have terrible partners. Im going to try and get to fawkes before I run through it. And Im more of a scavver when I play, I usually have a bunch of meat and am basically running from person to person trying for health. I really started relying on the water recently. Mainly because I killed doc church....what a d*** lol and hasselhoff wouldnt suprise me lol the man is shameless!

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  • If you have Point Lookout , do the Dark Heart of Blackhall side quest first . Talk to the woman in the tent on the beach , and she will tell you that the evil book belongs in the Dunwich Building . I forget what happens for sure , but I think you got something interesting for doing that .

  • I never went anywhere with a partner as they all tended to die rather quckly when hanging out with me . I always took about 80 stimpaks with me where ever I went , a good place to get that many is the doc at Tenpenny Tower . He carries 30 , and restocks every day . Caps are scarce at first , but if you use the scrounger perk you will soon make enough by selling ammo . Btw , don't forget the Melee Weapons bobblehead in Dunwich , it's towards the exit .

  • I see you're just starting Fallout 3 , I would blow up Megaton . The suite you get in Tenpenny Tower is much better than the hovel in Megaton , and has better supplied shops . Don't scare off the residents though , but that shouldn't be a problem if you blew up Megaton since that means you've commited to the evil route . Also the Dunwich building is a little bit southwest of Tenpenny .

  • I don't think 7ravis just "started" Fallout 3. He looks experienced. Well, Dunwich isn't that hard, I don't remember dying the last time I went there, but that might be my awesome skills (bragging, ignore it :) or the fact that I haven't played the game in a while.

    And yeah, if you have Point Lookout, then the Blackhall quest will be heavily involved in the quest. If you side with the lady, then you'll eventually need to go to Dunwich. The place is rather unique, I went there by accident, and I came out with a good experience. If you know what you're doing and if you can handle a few ghouls, then it'll be pretty easy.

    But there's really no special weapons in there. Sorry.

  • In my last play through I just went there for the bobble-head, I didn't know there was a side-quest integrated some how, how do you activate the side-quest?

  • Do you need DLC to visit Dunwich?

    The way all of you have tiptoed around the detail gets me excited...

    - Anthony Cortes

  • Point Lookout DLC is needed to activate the side quest invoving Dunwich Building.

    And yes, thank you Troy for reminding me about the bobblehead. The Melee Weapons bobblehead is found near the Virulent Underchambers

  • no prob, thanks for the info Yoshiman.

  • Thank you yoshiman xD Im experienced with the wasteland, but Im far from an expert, I do a lot of dying lol. And thank you for pointing out you need the DLC, I did not know that as well :) but Im looking forward to this mystery.  It sounds quite interesting.

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