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Fallout: Nuka Break

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  • So GI linked the vid to the first episode to Nuka Break yesterday.

    So I went home and watched it (no sound and poor vid quality at work). I really liked it, especially the character Ben (the ghoul). Then I saw they have a 15 minute movie of Nuka break and watched it as well.

    Was just wondering if anyone else in the group has seen it, and/or liked it. How long have those videos been around? Am I late to the Nuka Break party?

    Latelly there's been lots of fan made videos for video games made (Portal, Half Life etc..) that are really good. Kinda makes me wish I was more creative, and had more free time and $ lol.  


  • thought it would be nice to get the actual vids in here:

    Original Fan-Film:

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

    Episode 3:

    Episode 4:

    Episode 5:

    Episode 6:

    I will add the new episodes as they are posted on YouTube

  • after a long hiatus, the season 1 finally of Nuka Break has finally been uploaded.

  • why did you repost episode 6? I was hoping it would be episode 7 lol

  • because if i just update the post with all of them in it no email goes out about activity in the thread

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