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We could say that the Elder Scrolls games are massive, but that would be an understatement. Think you've seen every sight and completed every quest in the series? Think you know where the series is headed next? Why don't you share some of your knowledge he

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  • Forum Post: What Do You Perfer? - Skyrim

    What do You Perfer? 1. Race Argonian Histskin : Invoke the power of the Hist to recover health ten times faster for 60 seconds. Resist Disease : Your Argonian blood is 50% resistant to disease. Water Breathing : Your Argonian Lungs can breath underwater. (It is also rumored that argonians can swim faster...
  • Forum Post: Which Elder Scrolls game is you're favorite, and why

    Pretty self explanatory. Also what things would you bring back to the next one?. Personally, my favorite was Morrowind. Back before they started dumbing down enchanting, forging, spellmaking, etc.
  • Forum Post: Elder Scrolls followers

    Although they may not have been the brightest companions/followers, The Elder Scrolls games have introduced some interesting characters be it in the land of Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim that aid you in your battles and most of the time get in your way. So tell me, who's your favorite?
  • Forum Post: What is the most *** weapon/armor/spell you have ever created?

    Personally, I enjoy enchanting weapons and armor and creating my own spells. Being able to do this in Elder Scrolls really makes me feel like I have a part in the gameworld in a way that no other game that I've played can deliver. The amount of freedom offered to customize your gear and magic in...
  • Forum Post: Dragon shouts

    So with the new Elder Scrolls game incorporating dragon shouts, I feel less inclined to have my first play through be with a mage. My reasoning for this is that shouts may not use up your mana, but you can use them as a solid offense like a mage, while putting skill points into something else like sneak...
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