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We could say that the Elder Scrolls games are massive, but that would be an understatement. Think you've seen every sight and completed every quest in the series? Think you know where the series is headed next? Why don't you share some of your knowledge he

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  • Forum Post: Re: How do you feel about the Elder Scrolls Online?

    I agree with ADAMWOOLLEY on most of his comment and with PudyMaster's comment about half-naked guys hopping around in a water fountain. I do somewhat enjoy MMO's with the exception of where alot of quest plots and points in the games force you to group up and are way to difficult to do solo....
  • Forum Post: How do you feel about the Elder Scrolls Online?

    I personally feel like it defeats the purpose of TES games. To me TES games are massively single player not some social experience where I get to find a bunch of half-naked guys hopping around in a water fountain while the chatlog is brimming with spam bots.
  • Forum Post: What is your least favorite enemy in the Elder Scrolls, and why

    It's kinda strange, but for me, it would have to be the Will-o-the-Wisps from oblivion. I don't know why, but something about those buggers annoys me. Annoys me to my core.
  • Forum Post: Which Elder Scrolls game is you're favorite, and why

    Pretty self explanatory. Also what things would you bring back to the next one?. Personally, my favorite was Morrowind. Back before they started dumbing down enchanting, forging, spellmaking, etc.
  • Forum Post: How will you spend your first few hours in Skyrim?

    With Skyrim's release only a couple of weeks away I was wondering if anyone had any plans for what they will do when they first fire it up. Will you tackle the main quest right off the bat to see the story (or to just get it out of the way) or will you just wander around and see what you can find...
  • Forum Post: Skyrim's Town Activities

    Now, I think I have read through pretty much everything here and didn't see anything about this, but as I read through the Skyrim cover story for the thousandth time, I noticed something. In town activities. For anyone who has played a Fable title should find this familiar, which is interesting in...
  • Forum Post: Dragon shouts

    So with the new Elder Scrolls game incorporating dragon shouts, I feel less inclined to have my first play through be with a mage. My reasoning for this is that shouts may not use up your mana, but you can use them as a solid offense like a mage, while putting skill points into something else like sneak...
  • Forum Post: Morrowind Worth Tracking Down?

    As I've said many times, I'm very VERY excited to play Skyrim. So I was wondering if Morrowind was worth tracking down? I've heard from a lot of people that it's awesome, but obviously it's outdated. So is it worth it or should I just wait for Skyrim?
  • Forum Post: How do you feel about Skyrim coming out

    How do you feel about Skyrim coming out??
  • Forum Post: The Fate: Choose yours

    What is your favorite game in the Elder Scroll series? Are you excited for the one thats coming out?
  • Forum Post: What are you hoping will be included in Skyrim's Collectors edition?

    So I've been calling GameStop every week asking if they've announced a collector edition for Skyrim yet. I am starting to think they hate me. What are you guys hoping to receive when you order yours?
  • Forum Post: Oblivion Question?

    What are the Daedra (think I spelled that right) in Oblivion? Demons, monsters or something completely different?
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