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We could say that the Elder Scrolls games are massive, but that would be an understatement. Think you've seen every sight and completed every quest in the series? Think you know where the series is headed next? Why don't you share some of your knowledge he

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  • Forum Post: Re: Just starting Skyrim: Any Suggestions

    I would agree with a few other posts and say to bank your perks until your sure what you would like, I would definitely go with the smithing perk so you can create your own powerful armor or to at least upgrade what you have to legendary status. Try doing all of the side quests and guild quests they...
  • Forum Post: Modded Skyrim Screenshots

    Hey guys, ever since I moved to PC gaming a few months ago, I been tweaking with Skyrim's settings and mods. I think I got some pretty solid results and would like to know what you guys think. Also I would love to see the mods some of you might be running :)!
  • Forum Post: The Elder Scrolls V: Hearth Fire?

    Hearth Fire is rumored to be the next add-on for Skyrim. Bethesda has yet to officially announce it, but considering this is how we first heard about Dawnguard , there isn't really much reason to doubt it. There is a book in Skyrim called Hearth Fire , and it's also the name of a month in The...
  • Forum Post: Re: In Dawnguard, who will you align youself with: The Volkihar Vampires or the Dawnguard?

    I will be a member of both. In one of my games, the one with my Wood Elf vampire thief, I am a Volkihar Vampire. I will soon be creating another character and have him/her become a member of the Dawnguard. This Skyrim enhancement is definitely worth 1600 Microsoft points/$19.99. It provides a great quest...
  • Forum Post: Re: What Do You Perfer? - Skyrim

    I'm a BIG fan of the Wood Elf (Bosmer) and Dark Elf (Dunmer). THE WOOD ELF: I enjoy to have a sneaky, quick archer on my side of the field who can kick some major a** with its magic enhanced bows. THE DARK ELF: Its fun to be able to steal everybody's crap, summon atronachs and then light the...
  • Forum Post: What Do You Perfer? - Skyrim

    What do You Perfer? 1. Race Argonian Histskin : Invoke the power of the Hist to recover health ten times faster for 60 seconds. Resist Disease : Your Argonian blood is 50% resistant to disease. Water Breathing : Your Argonian Lungs can breath underwater. (It is also rumored that argonians can swim faster...
  • Forum Post: I Have the Weirdest Bug Right Now

    Hey, I been playing Dawnguard since it released last tuesday and I had no issues until today. I decided to do a bit of alteration training with telekinesis, so I try to use it on some items and it didn't work. I thought it was odd but I kept trying to use it for a few minutes. After a while I realized...
  • Forum Post: Which Elder Scrolls game is you're favorite, and why

    Pretty self explanatory. Also what things would you bring back to the next one?. Personally, my favorite was Morrowind. Back before they started dumbing down enchanting, forging, spellmaking, etc.
  • Forum Post: Skyrim Kinect Voice Feature

    Do you use Skyrim's new Kinect feature a lot? Do you even like it? I like it, and I'm just wondering about everyone else's opinion.
  • Forum Post: Who is Your Favorite Character?

    I was just wondering which character you think is the most dynamic or entertaining. My personal favorite is Cicero because of his hilarious one liners when he follows you.

    "You kill my chicken I will send my hordes of citizen folk upon you until you die or are put in jail and lose your skill progression!" -Skyrim universe So skyrim has glitches and they present unpassable obstacles from time to time. But the chickens? I mean really, this isn't a glitch but...
  • Forum Post: Elder Scrolls followers

    Although they may not have been the brightest companions/followers, The Elder Scrolls games have introduced some interesting characters be it in the land of Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim that aid you in your battles and most of the time get in your way. So tell me, who's your favorite?
  • Forum Post: Skyrim Books

    Have any of you read all of the books in Skyrim? So much to learn from those
  • Forum Post: Skyrim Dragon Shout: Stormcall -all three words, any idea ?

    Since I've seen the trailer in which the dragonshout called Stormcall was shown I knew that I have to own this. Now here's the question: any idea where to get all three words for Stormcall ?
  • Forum Post: How will you spend your first few hours in Skyrim?

    With Skyrim's release only a couple of weeks away I was wondering if anyone had any plans for what they will do when they first fire it up. Will you tackle the main quest right off the bat to see the story (or to just get it out of the way) or will you just wander around and see what you can find...
  • Forum Post: Skyrim's Town Activities

    Now, I think I have read through pretty much everything here and didn't see anything about this, but as I read through the Skyrim cover story for the thousandth time, I noticed something. In town activities. For anyone who has played a Fable title should find this familiar, which is interesting in...
  • Forum Post: Changes would you like to see in Skyrim.

    Forgive me if his post is similar to other. It's just after looking through all the other post this one just didn't seem to fit any of the the other forums properly. Anyway. I've been playing through Oblivion again just trying to get into The Elder Scrolls mood again, and there are a lot...
  • Forum Post: Dragon shouts

    So with the new Elder Scrolls game incorporating dragon shouts, I feel less inclined to have my first play through be with a mage. My reasoning for this is that shouts may not use up your mana, but you can use them as a solid offense like a mage, while putting skill points into something else like sneak...
  • Forum Post: Multiplayer in The Elder Scrolls

    Hey, folks. Bethesda hasn't ruled out the possibility that multiplayer could be a feature of future installments in the Elder Scrolls series, however it is extremely unlikely that it'll be a part of Skyrim . Personally, the idea of MP in any TES game doesn't appeal to me very much, but if...
  • Forum Post: Morrowind Worth Tracking Down?

    As I've said many times, I'm very VERY excited to play Skyrim. So I was wondering if Morrowind was worth tracking down? I've heard from a lot of people that it's awesome, but obviously it's outdated. So is it worth it or should I just wait for Skyrim?
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