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We could say that the Elder Scrolls games are massive, but that would be an understatement. Think you've seen every sight and completed every quest in the series? Think you know where the series is headed next? Why don't you share some of your knowledge he

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  • Forum Post: Re: How do you feel about the Elder Scrolls Online?

    I agree with ADAMWOOLLEY on most of his comment and with PudyMaster's comment about half-naked guys hopping around in a water fountain. I do somewhat enjoy MMO's with the exception of where alot of quest plots and points in the games force you to group up and are way to difficult to do solo....
  • Forum Post: The Elder Scrolls V: Hearth Fire?

    Hearth Fire is rumored to be the next add-on for Skyrim. Bethesda has yet to officially announce it, but considering this is how we first heard about Dawnguard , there isn't really much reason to doubt it. There is a book in Skyrim called Hearth Fire , and it's also the name of a month in The...
  • Forum Post: Re: In Dawnguard, who will you align youself with: The Volkihar Vampires or the Dawnguard?

    I will be a member of both. In one of my games, the one with my Wood Elf vampire thief, I am a Volkihar Vampire. I will soon be creating another character and have him/her become a member of the Dawnguard. This Skyrim enhancement is definitely worth 1600 Microsoft points/$19.99. It provides a great quest...
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