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BioWare knows how to tell a good story, and Dragon Age is no exception. With six different origin stories, a stack of side quests to complete, and a variety of player decisions that effect the kingdom of Ferelden, it's unlikely any two players shared the s

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  • Forum Post: Final Boss

    Do you have any tips on defeating the Arch Demon. As soon as I get about half way through He releases darkspawn and kills my entire party. (Keep in mind I'm using Alastair, Sten, Wynne, and my main character which is an arcane warrior.
  • Forum Post: System Requirements - Why the cold shoulder?

    Well, I just installed my copy of Dragon Age: Origins and I've played up to the lighting of the beacon (I'm not quite there yet for reasons I'm about to convey) and for the most part, I can see this game having a great deal of potential. However.... I'm running this game on a Dell Studio...
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