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BioWare knows how to tell a good story, and Dragon Age is no exception. With six different origin stories, a stack of side quests to complete, and a variety of player decisions that effect the kingdom of Ferelden, it's unlikely any two players shared the s

Can somebody explain the concept and game of the Dragon Age Series?

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  • I've played Dragon Age A LONG time ago and do not remember what it is truly about and the concept of the game. I'm debating if I should repurchase it or not.. Can somebody please explain to me the Dragon Age series and the Pros and Cons about having the game?

    Thank you

  • Pros: It is a very fun game with great writing and story.

    Cons: The battle system is not for everyone, though people who play a lot of RPGs should not have much issue with it at all.

    It is about your character becoming a Grey Warden and slaying a dragon that is creating and controlling a massive army that threatens the face of the world.  Wardens are the only ones who can do such a thing and you are one of few, which leaves the task and the fate of the world in your hands.  On your quest you must recruit people and strengthen your own army as you gain personal strength and wisdom required to defeat your foe.

  • From my experience playing it:

    It's supposedly a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate centered in the mythical realm of Thedas and the kingdom of Fereldan. It's a high fantasy RPG that takes a while to master - especially in terms of customizing your character - but it's nonetheless fun.

    Pros: six freaking origin stories that you can play that influence how characters respond to you, etc. Nice class specializations you can unlock as you play, as well as a few particularly interesting and diverse areas to explore. Challenging enemies and great characters add life to an otherwise generic fantasy story. The primary antagonist apart from the Archdemon is also a lot more complex than he seems initially and gives the conflict a nice layer of depth that you typically wouldn't find. The Dog is awesome and overpowered, a fun character to use in battle. There are also a lot of quests for players to tackle in-between the main storyline.

    Cons: horrible color palette and uninspired art direction keeps the otherwise fantastical world from feeling distinct; storyline, while modestly interesting, isn't very original. It's definitely not a bad storyline, but it doesn't stand out in comparison to other Bioware titles like KOTOR, although the world you adventure in is very fascinating, and the choices you do make do have an impact that affects other events - and even characters in the game. There are supposedly real world ties that a couple of the races have that do not translate very well and are a bit high brow. Thankfully, the characters in them make it something that one can ignore without much problem.

    Tactical combat is a mess; there are times when it works well, and times when it doesn't, especially on console. The Dog is awesome and overpowered. No seriously. There is a relatively steep learning curve, and not knowing how to customize characters to perfect their classes can literally ruin a playthrough. AI also doesn't get any smarter on higher difficulties, often indiscriminately using spells with area of effect damage when party members are still near enemies.

    Overall though, DA:O is a pretty good game with a lot to offer players, especially RPG fans. It's a definite purchase.

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