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BioWare knows how to tell a good story, and Dragon Age is no exception. With six different origin stories, a stack of side quests to complete, and a variety of player decisions that effect the kingdom of Ferelden, it's unlikely any two players shared the s

Hoping to trade: 360/PC Ser Isaac armor code for PS3 code

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  • I'm sure this is a longshot but I'll just throw it out there anyway. I've screwed myself out of getting the Dead Space 2 bonus item for Dragon Age because of my platform choices... picked up DS2 for 360 and DA2 for PS3...

    So anyway, I've got the code to redeem the Ser Isaac armor set that is valid for Dragon Age 2 on BOTH PC and 360... hoping to trade it (or perhaps something else) for the PS3 equivalent.

    That is all. kthxbai

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