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BioWare knows how to tell a good story, and Dragon Age is no exception. With six different origin stories, a stack of side quests to complete, and a variety of player decisions that effect the kingdom of Ferelden, it's unlikely any two players shared the s

SPOILER ALERT - Romance Problems

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  • I'm trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible.

    Today I beat the game as a human female mage.  Throughout the course of the story, I chose to win Lelianna's approval and try to romance her.  After going through the whole game and getting her to her highest approval and eventually even kissing her, I still could not seal the deal.  Reviewing some internet forums, I have discovered that I missed one little piece of dialogue that would trigger a side quest required to complete the romance.  Sadly, none of my twenty gamesaves is far back enough to go back.

    I have tried all the remedies offered on the internet about breaking up with her and then getting some dialogue to open up the quest, and then getting back together with her, but this is not working. The proper dialogue option does not appear. I fear that I've missed my chance, and that I will have to play a whole new game to try again.

    I enjoyed this game immensely, but I cannot help feeling cheated by what has happened here, especially when the romances with other characters occur so much more naturally and aren't tied to some tricky occurrences.  To me, even after beating the game, the story is not complete because my character couldn't finish what she started.  I hear that BIoware patched the PC version of the game to fix the problem, and I can't help but wonder why consoles aren't receiving the same treatment.  I don't know whether to wait for a fix or just start a new game.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my little rant.  I'm sad not to have achieved Dragon Age closure after beating the game, but perhaps I'll have that pleasure another day.

  • I wondered wtf the problem with that b**ch was , I had the same problem , very very irritating.

    What was the dialogue bit ?

  • There's a certain bit of dialogue that is only available if she likes you some, but not too much.  If you shower her with gifts too early and boost your rating too high, you'll miss the dialogue.  Or if you just do too much to make her like you too fast, I think it is possible to miss the dialogue as well.  It goes something like "I heard bards are really Orlesian spies."

    This opens up a conversation about her past.  Then you have another conversation that starts off with her saying that she lied to you.  You have to respond with a particular line each time, which opens up her personal quest in Denerim I think.  After you do the quest, you are supposed to give her the flowers Andraste's Grace.  Then you should be able to complete the romance.

  • With that quest, you can also change her to be a tougher person, much like with Alistair's quest.

    Mmm...pickle juice!

  • you have to get the flower early enough before you have too much approval. Then you have to do dialogue so the bard option comes up and you have to relentlessly ask her about it to get the companion quest. But giver her sometime. And don't overwhelm her gifts either.

  • Yeah. She's very cautious about who she lets get to know her. But she's sweet once you do.

    Mmm...pickle juice!

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