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You like role-playing. You like equipping your heroes with the hottest gear. Maybe you even like the grind. But one thing everyone loves is saving the world. Come on in and meet some fellow adventurers.

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    Final Fantasy X is easily my favorite of the numbered Final Fantasies, probably because it was the first video game that I had my own file on. Needless to say I'm excited for a PS3 edition, even if it has to wait until after Versus XIII and KHIII. My question is do you think it'll be a Remake...
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    I have the first Dissidia for PSP and im going to the store soon and i liked the first game,and i was wondering if the second one was good enough to by because im not gonna be home all summer and i am carrying my PSP every where. I was wonder if you all think its good enough to buy. ANswers?
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    I m in The towwer on gran pulse. i want transform some weapons, does any body know the max limit of levels the weopons need before you can transform them
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    WHat can you tell me about: Fang.
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