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You like role-playing. You like equipping your heroes with the hottest gear. Maybe you even like the grind. But one thing everyone loves is saving the world. Come on in and meet some fellow adventurers.

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  • Forum Post: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

    This game is looking pretty good right now. This game is looking to be one of the best looking games for the wii. I like all the control you will be able to do with it. The concept is also pretty cool too. I am glad that they are finally getting rid of the carry something everywhere you go (ex: The crystal...
  • Forum Post: Your Favorite RPGs

    What the title says; what are your favorite RPGs? What is your favorite RPG style? Out of the two main types, Western (Elder Scrolls, etc.) and Eastern (Final Fantasy, etc.), what is your favorite? Furthermore, in a sense, what is is you like about RPGs, and what is it you like about your specific favorite...
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