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You like role-playing. You like equipping your heroes with the hottest gear. Maybe you even like the grind. But one thing everyone loves is saving the world. Come on in and meet some fellow adventurers.

Your Favorite RPGs

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  • What the title says; what are your favorite RPGs? What is your favorite RPG style? Out of the two main types, Western (Elder Scrolls, etc.) and Eastern (Final Fantasy, etc.), what is your favorite?

    Furthermore, in a sense, what is is you like about RPGs, and what is it you like about your specific favorite RPGs, and RPG types and styles?

    Furhtermore, (yes, I haven't finished asking questions yet,) what was it, (game and/or experience wise,) that brought you to love the RPG genre and forever got you hooked?

    Vast worlds, deep stories, and high interactivity and customization. What is it that makes the RPG, and/or your certain favorite RPG's shine in your sight?

  • Well I gotta admit Oblivion and Diablo were amazing.  When my brother handed me diablo and I saw blood fly everywhere when I was young.  I was hooked, and to this day I still find it as one of the best RPG's ever.  

    But what I love about these games really is how long it takes to complete them, it isn't just a 4 hour campaign.  You can easily clock a good 30 hours into these games.  I like the fact I can kill shop keepers in oblivion, or steal things.  I also like the fact I get loot!  Being rewarded for a quest or killing something and taking their item feels great.

    And of course, normally everyone loves a good story line, which most RPG's do provide, probably one of the biggest reasons I like them.

  • Story is always a top selling point for me, and you gotta love loot and customization. The fact that they can take forever to beat (especially with side quests) ensures that you get your money's worth. Final Fantasy XII took me 140 hours to beat, but I didn't use a guide or skip any side quests. Figuring out these puzzles on your own is one of the most rewarding experiences in these games... which was why I got angry when I finally did check up on the guide and found out about the Zodiac Spear... *facepalm*

    The Final Fantasy series has offered me the longest playing games out of all my favorite RPGs, and has always been worth it for the sheer joy of seeing through there compelling stories to the end. And even when you come to the end, there is normally some hidden, uber powerful boss and items out there left to find.

    And who doesn't love games like Diablo? I am really looking forward to Diablo III and am watching it closely. And though I never got the chance to play Oblivion for any extended period of time, I fell in Love with Morrowind.

  • Western RPG's are my favorite, though Eastern RPG's are still awesome. I guess the satifying feeling of leveling up and gathring loot to gain power and money was what got me hooked. Let's not forget the cool character customization. The Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout series (especially Fallout 3) are what keep me coming back to play for thousands of hours in the RPG world.

  • Deep customization and a more active role in combat  of the Western RPGs for you then. Though they don't normally have as deep of stories, their focus is on side quests and a more interactive role. Bethesda done a pretty great job with that!

  • love the customization.

    love kingdom hearts (who doesn't?)

    love the world ends with you (one of the best on the ds and there needs to be a sequel)

    love the fact that they can be based on real events and events that no one can even imagine

  • Eastern for me better story lines, the world seems more interactive, the customization is more in depth. Fav of all time is FF VIII, the game that hooked me for life for RPG's.

    When will the developers of games let us actually gamers come up with a creative game idea? The world may never know....

  • LOVE CUSTOMIZATION. i have to agree exactly with "dethmatic"

    "Eastern for me better story lines, the world seems more interactive, the customization is more in depth. Fav of all time is FF VIII, the game that hooked me for life for RPG's"


  • I have to say,  Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy Series are my favorite RPG's.  

    I like Chrono Trigger because it is one of the first RPG's ever played and it has so much content in it.  I especcially like the time-travel concept of the game.  That put an interesting new spin on the RPG franchise.  

    Final Fantasy,  it has to be on everybody's top 5 list for RPG's.  This was the first RPg I have ever played, and it was also one of the best ever made.  I have played a lot of the Final Fantasy Games.  My favorites:

    1. Final Fantasy I

    2. Final Fantasy II

    3. Final Fantasy IV

    4. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

    5. Final Fantasy VII

    6.Final Fantasy XII

    7. Final Fantasy X

    8. Final Fantasy X-2

    Soon to be favorites:

    9. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

    10. Final Fantasy XIII

  • 1. Xenogears

    2. Final Fantasy VIII

    3. Chrono Trigger

    4. Lunar: SSSC

    5. Thousand Arms

    6. Final Fantasy IX

    7. Lost Odyssey

    8. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    9. Jade Empire

    10. Final Fantasy Tactics

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  • 1. Elder Scrolls Series

    2. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

    3. Mass Effect

    4. Fire Emblem

    5. Chrono Trigger

  • earthbound, mario RPG, kingdom hearths,  diablo, age of mytholagy,  DOM monster queast jocker,

  • I love the Mario RPG series, and I absolutely fell in love with the Paper Mario Series as well.

  • I'll always have a special place in my heart for Final Fantasy, especially 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 12.

    However, my favorite RPG of all time is ultimately and indisputably Mass Effect. The insanely customizable characters, intriguing cast of characters, thrilling dialogue and story, and a style of combat that differs completely depending on the class you are playing provides for a completely unique experience every time you play it through.

    I'm also a fan of the Chrono series (yes, I liked Chrono Cross), Knights of the Old Republic, Action/RPGs like Seiken Densetsu 3, the Kingdom Hearts Series, and the Marvel RPG series (X-men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance)

    I grew up playing the Diablo games, so they must claim a place in my hall of fame as well.

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  • 1. Fallout 3

    2. Rest of games in Fallout series

    3. Borderlands

    4. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

    5. Fable series

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