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Leveling systems

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  • If you've played an RPG you've had to grind, so you're probably experienced with at least a couple of different leveling systems. So after all those hours of grinding and incremental progress, which leveling system did you enjoy the most and why?

  • For me my favorite is the sphere grid of FFX. It gave you the ability to pick how you developed your characters in a new way. Every character had their own personal part of the grid, but any character could go to any part of the grid, the most determined players could have an entire cast of characters that had learned every ability/spell and had raised every attribute to maximum level so that the mages from the beginning could strike out with the force of a master swordsman. Other characters had the ability to create hybrids of whit and black magic or make their strongest character and their fastest character go through each other's respective grids, creating an ultra fast and hard hitting team.

  • I detested the sphere grid, personally. If I had to chose, I'd probably say either Zelda/Okami or Chrono Trigger.


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