So, I've considered making an RPG guild. I've started up on the game White Knight Chronicles, but the second one is due next week(August 2nd). I was hoping when more member join, I could expand the guild to different games(like Borderlands II, for example). Just so you know, I'm using newer/games that haven't come out yet. YET.

  Anyway, there are tons of holes right now, and I need so much help getting this started. Here's the list:

  • Members. There more members, the better.
  • Some founders. Gotta keep a guild as gold as we can.

So, that's just what I need for that, but there's more. In case you didn't know in the first place, this is for PS3.
While on the PS3, I'll have a chatroom that you must be in as long as you're online. You'll need to add me on PSN, Death2who_oppose, and keep in contact via the chatroom. Oh, and try to have a fast means of typing or a mic for the games.

  So for now, it will just be for WKC and WKCII, and expand as soon as we get more members.