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You like role-playing. You like equipping your heroes with the hottest gear. Maybe you even like the grind. But one thing everyone loves is saving the world. Come on in and meet some fellow adventurers.


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  • I love RPG vgs, but lately I've been wanting to write.. Anyone know of some good RP-ing sites? I would be really grateful if someone passed some site names along to me.. :)

  • I'm not sure what you are in to, but I used to mod/admin at a pokemon writing rpg. Its Pokemon Legacy RPG. You are rewarded for better writing with better scenarios and rarer pokemon sent your way. Its not like a kid RPing place; I used to collect items from pokemin I defeated and killed. I had a Meowth coin, a Scyther blade, a Farfetch'd leek... it was really fun if you want to write.

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  • BethBlog

  • It's not a site, more like an mmo, but Furcadia isn't to awful. It's certainly died down quite a bit though. I've actually been looking for the same thing lately. Good RP is hard to find anymore. :(


    *Willing to give any game a try. Recommend one to me, please?*

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