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You like role-playing. You like equipping your heroes with the hottest gear. Maybe you even like the grind. But one thing everyone loves is saving the world. Come on in and meet some fellow adventurers.

Why do you prefer RPG's

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  • What endears you to role playing?, is it the deeper story?, the greater sense of immersion?, or maybe it's the thought of saving the world your way.

    Whatever it is let's hear it!.

  • creating your own character and developing them with your choices and creating your own story (at least with Bethesda games)

  • having giant open worlds to explore, side quests galore. Factions for what kind of character you are.

    Shooters and everything else just dont appeal to me as much, I feel like I`m on an assembly line and my playthrough is the same as everyone else`s.

  • I agree totally with nuck8. I have played and enjoyed my fare share of shooters, but rpg's just...touch me somewhere else.

  • I like that it is your 'second life', and like Cameron the Caped Crusader said, at least with Bethesda games

  • The customization is what draws me to it. The ability to create yourself- your character, per say- and make choices. It makes the game more like a simulation, another world beyond yours, where you can do as you please... good or bad. The fact that you CAN be good or bad is also a huge draw for me, personally. I've been so used to the standard "do this, you're the hero" games that it's a break from the normal for me... now it's almost all I play!


    *Willing to give any game a try. Recommend one to me, please?*

  • I'd have to say it's a mix of the customization (both in my character and in the game world based on choices I make, quests I complete, etc) and the ability to explore and complete quests on my own schedule and in any order I wish.  

    There's nothing better than flopping down on the couch with a good RPG and spending an afternoon exploring a huge game world and completing quests (or not completing quests!).  When games offer "self telling stories" that aren't really quests - like finding notes/letters/books, etc while exploring a dungeon that tell a quick, short story.

  • It's not only customization, but the chance to have a totally different gaming experience every play through. I just wish there was a way to integrate this experience into a multi-player for consoles. Also i hate games that claim to be open world but it turns out to be very limited. the only two games that seem to follow up are The Elder Scrolls and KOA Reckoning.

  • Its everything ,ive always been attracted to games that have 100 + hours of play. Its all about playing your way and the rpg games that put it more in your control are usually the most popular. I want to look into my tv screen and see the epitome of me just buffer with weapons . And its useless to me to talk about a. Shooter campaign because everyonealready knows what happened , but no one has the same epitome on oblivion,Antrim,FF10, dot hack, all these games virtual get you tonite same last cut scene but what you did to get is 1 in a million different ways and thats why I play RPG games.

  • I know I wish they would make an Elder Scrolls game the was xbox live multiplayer. And if you haven't tried Morrowind it's really fun. I've also heard that bethesda is making a new Elder Scrolls!

  • I like being able to play a game for more than 5 hours without beating it.  RPGs have everything.  Customization, a deeper/more engaging plotline and story, exploration...heck, even developers for games of other genres are adapting RPG elements in their games to highten the experience and draw a bigger crowd.

  • Well like Adam like a game that I can play for a long period of time, I enjoy engaging story lines more so than the simple "shoot everything till it dies". I enjoy learning about the characters and the depth of the worlds they live in I like well rounded games with action and adventure and comedy and even romance. It is hard to get all that in anything but an rpg. I enjoy being able to put a bit of myself into the game and even the occasional fan fiction  and  as an artist I like a game with many possibilities and fun to draw ^^

  • I enjoy the RPG mostly due to the more immersive storylines, the ability to choose how your character develops their abilities (let's face it not everyone has the finesse to play a straight mage, just like not everyone enjoys playing a tank).  The connection you develop with the game due to the investment of time in customization of attributes, gear, abilities, etc. etc..  It's just overall more engaging to gamers.

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  •    I prefer RPGs, myself, for various reasons. The engaging stories are a significant factor, indeed, but I'd have to say one of the greatest draws of the genre is the immersive character dynamics. For one thing, you've got your character to which you're pretty much an actor filling the role; a role you get to design for yourself entirely. As a side, RPGs tend to feature rather intriguing NPCs and companions; the latter, especially. After all, you end up spending a lot of time with them, so it's hard not to develop some form of attachment to even the most mediocre characters. Then there's the customization, by which I mean the level of control you have over what your character becomes through his or her journey. And finally, playing into an earlier draw, there's the choice; it really helps flesh your character out and make the experience feel like your own.

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