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Two worlds 2 HELP!

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  • I've been playing two worlds 2 and I'm stuck in the forgotten ruins by hatmandor i was climbing the mountains and found a portal that took me into the ruins now I can’t find out how to get out HELP I’ve put way too many hours into this game to restart!

  • Are you referring to being in one of those dark labyrinths? I recall having a side quest to explore some 10 different mazes that involved some pretty simple tells of where you should be going... for instance, dead rats meant you should turn around the corner they were placed closest to - or one of the last ones involved barrels being placed at the end of each dead end, meaning if you found another barrel you were on the right track, but if not you just turned around from the last one you located and tried the other route.

  • thanks, I found my way out I needed to run down like three levels and after 3 hours of running and killing I found the door out it took me to the tower of fangs I had so much trouble because my character was not strong enough to kill the bad guys.

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