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You like role-playing. You like equipping your heroes with the hottest gear. Maybe you even like the grind. But one thing everyone loves is saving the world. Come on in and meet some fellow adventurers.

For those of you interested

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  • So, I've considered making an RPG guild. I've started up on the game White Knight Chronicles, but the second one is due next week(August 2nd). I was hoping when more member join, I could expand the guild to different games(like Borderlands II, for example). Just so you know, I'm using newer/games that haven't come out yet. YET.

      Anyway, there are tons of holes right now, and I need so much help getting this started. Here's the list:

    • Members. There more members, the better.
    • Some founders. Gotta keep a guild as gold as we can.

    So, that's just what I need for that, but there's more. In case you didn't know in the first place, this is for PS3.
    While on the PS3, I'll have a chatroom that you must be in as long as you're online. You'll need to add me on PSN, Death2who_oppose, and keep in contact via the chatroom. Oh, and try to have a fast means of typing or a mic for the games.

      So for now, it will just be for WKC and WKCII, and expand as soon as we get more members.

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