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The Differences of RPGs

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  • I've always played RPGs, it's been a favored type of game for me ever since I played my first one. I always saw people talk about JRPG and Western RPGs and I've been told my games were Western. I could tell you a gist of what was the difference but I recently wanted to know the exact details that makes these games different.

    I read about all the differences and the arguments between the fans. I read that Western ones have been argued to be less RPG and more Action now. The reasons being is that it's all real-time combat now, the drop of how much they use number based systems (Skyrim is a great example for that). It was like they were saying that the game requires hack and slash, run and gun kinda stuff. Just brute like, no strategy. I have to disagree completely.

    Whenever I play my RPGs I have method of playing I use. When I'm sneaky, I use sneak to do certain things depending on what's in my area. Like set up traps, or get a critical hit and go balls out. I always have materials and supplies with me, back up ammo (New Vegas ammo types for example), varying armors and weapons to prepare for resistances and weaknesses. I don't go in and shoot s*** and jam health packs into me. Even when that's how my character is built that's not all there is to it.

    I think Western RPGs still require methods and a strategy (especially on higher difficulties) just in a different manner now. Skills and attributes still are keeping the RPG style into it also. Decision making moments that could forever change your game. Using supplies you should have saved for later, and so on.

    Am I at least reasonable? Does anyone agree with me or at least respect that? I don't feel like Skyrim is more or less of an RPG than Morrowind was, just different. In a sense, Classic RPG v. Modern RPG maybe?

  • I think you are right, and that I have come back from 2012, where Japanese games are in dire straights. (go figure)

  • I think you are right, and that I have come back from 2012, where Japanese games are in dire straights. (go figure)

  • Agreed

  • I totally agree with you. Skyrim is a totally strategic game especially if you ramp up the difficulty

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