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What to do in the case of hardware failure?

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  • So, I've been a proud owner of Rock Band since September of last year, but my non-stop shredding came to an unfortunate end earlier today when my favorite guitar controller went on the fritz. The controller in question is the Rickenbacker 325 model that came out with The Beatles: Rock Band (which was my reason for initially purchasing a set of instruments). All of a sudden, it started triggering star power whenever its available. It also very occasionally brings up the menu for playing modes (chorus, echo, etc) though I'm not touching the switch. This leads me to believe that it's a wiring problem in the vicinity of the select button, as the neck sensor seems to be functioning normally. I'm obviously well outside the warranty period. If anybody has some suggestions, or knows how to manually repair a Rock Band controller such as this, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks.




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  • have you tried changing the batteries for the guitar the same thing happened to my stratocastor controller and all it needed was a change of batteries.

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