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Need some general help with my guitar skills...

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  • I've been playing Rock Band for a few months now, and I can safely say that few games have ever captured my attention to such an extent. Unfortunately, I'm encountering one small drawback, which is that I'm still lagging a bit in terms of overall skill. Namely, I've whittled tour down to only a handful of hardcore metal tracks and the events that include them, but try as I might, I'm just not making any further progress. "Visions" makes me want to ironically gouge my eyes out with a rusty melon scooper after deliberately shattering both of my eardrums. I can't do more than like 15% of it before failing out, and even practice sessions don't seem to be helping a whole lot. Is there any specific tactic or training technique I can use to improve my performance? I'd really like to be able to complete the last handful of events!


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  • I can't say anything helpful but have you tried to go on a different level?

  • In general, my rule is to play on at least hard or go home. However, since hard is the lowest difficulty setting for these songs on tour and I can't clear that, I'm at a bit of an impasse.


    "I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions!"

    Currently Playing: Rock Band 2 (PS3), Mass Effect 2 (PC), Heavy Rain (PS3)

  • I too deal with a big wall when playing guitar. I can full combo anything on normal any day of the week... but as soon as that orange key comes into the picture we have a problem. I know that, personally, my problem is not having good control over my ring and pinkey fingers. Whether I opt to try and work with my 3 good fingers, or flub every other note with my retarded pinkey finger, it ends in a fail.

    I never use these fingers when I type either... so I pretty much resigned to give up on guitar and focus on my preferred instrument, drums.

  • @ Eyros

    I can sympathize with you as I spent some time there myself. Really, the orange fret is a lot like jumping into an ice cold swimming pool. You just have to go through the hell of training yourself to use it, but eventually the technique will just click. Allow me to point out from your description of the problem that you seem to be like most newcomers to RB/GH in that you perceive using the orange fret to be all about controlling all of your fingers. I spent a good week or two trying to play like this myself, but it's a lot simpler than that.

    Allow me to introduce the "slide."

    Basically, most of us start on medium difficulty (or even easy), where you only use the first four frets and your hands remain stationary. This is good at first as you learn to alternate around in a comfortable configuration (blue/red combo notes were the bane of my existence as a newbie), but at the same time it also trains you to keep your hands still, which is bad. The good news is that when you add the orange fret, you actually keep this basic natural configuration as your default position, except that you move one over so that your first finger is on red and your last on orange. When a green note comes into the picture, you just slide your hand down. It's basically what you're used to except that you're adding a bit of motion when needed. Of course, there are more complicated notes on the hardest songs and on the highest difficulty settings (where you actually *do* need to make your fingers execute the seemingly impossible), but the bulk of songs may be played by mastering this relatively straightforward technique. Get used to getting your hands in motion while playing; at first, this process will lead to antsy, panicky play, but once you settle down and establish a style that you're comfortable with, you'll do just fine.


    "I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions!"

    Currently Playing: Rock Band 2 (PS3), Mass Effect 2 (PC), Heavy Rain (PS3)

  • Good looking out Kevin. I'll have to pick up the guitar again and see if I can't get at least a little further using your advice.

    I like your sig too... might have to copy that idea...

  • Ah, yes, the slide. That will increase your chances of success by quite a bit.

    And the only other concrete suggestion I could offer, if you haven't been doing it already, is alternate strumming. That is, don't do what most of my RB-playing friends do and only move the strum bar in one direction, either slapping it down or pulling it up. Learn to grip it and move it in both directions. I'd say you'll be able to crank out notes twice as fast, but in reality it's probably more. There are TONS of songs on which to learn this technique while playing bass - If we're talking RB1, Won't Get Fooled Again and Suffragette City immediately come to mind. For RB2, it's Let There be Rock or Mountain Song. They can sometimes be a bit boring in that you won't be moving your fret hand much, but they're fantastic for learning alternate strumming.

    Good luck!

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  • I have been addicted to music games alot and the way that I got good and was able to beat all the songs was just by playing and playing. I also strum up and down in lieu of one direction it really helps and is hard to get used to at first but just keep doing it and you'll be shredding through Visions in no time.

  • Playing on Hard or Expert level isn't really hard at all (ok maybe at first). Not unless you have a guitar with only one set of buttons. I would suggest using a guitar with solo buttons because they're smaller and easier to reach ( trust me, i have small hands and I managed to learn to play Expert within 4 months of buying RB2) and about your problem with "Visions", all it is is sliding and doing HOPOs.

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