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Which Need for Speed series is your favorite? Are you more of a Shift sim racer, or do you favor the older Underground imprint? Let's not quibble. We've all got lead feet.

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  • Forum Post: Are you excited about Need For Speed Hot Pursuit?

    I haven't written much about NFS since Shift for the Xbox 360. Now I have a PS3 and have reserved Hot Pursuit. I enjoyed Shift and thought the change of pace from street racing to track/Gran Turismo style racing was nice. However, my favorite NFS games are NFS 3: Hot Pursuit & Hot Pursuit 2....
  • Forum Post: Need For Speed Shift

    Shift looks like a great game to me, and I would love to add it to my NFS collection, since the most recent I have is Most Wanted. However, I'll wait until I get a 360 before I get it because it looks best on that system to me. I wonder if it is even out on PS2 and Wii, but I think it is just PS3...
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